Unveiling the World’s ‘Booziest’ Cities: Dublin and Prague


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A recent study by the British travel platform Holidu has disclosed that Dublin and Prague stand out as the world’s top hubs for live alcohol drinking culture. The study intends to find ideal destinations for travelers looking for alcohol-free getaways. For the same, it evaluated criteria like the frequency of late-night activities per person and recent occurrences of heavy drinking among locals.

Dublin secures the second place in Ireland when it comes to per capita alcohol consumption, featuring a staggering 81.3%. This figure signifies the highest percentage documented among all the countries assessed in the study.

Gleaming in Nightlife and Alcohol Indulgence

The research portrayed Dublin as a notable hotspot for revelry, emphasizing its abundance of nightlife venues and high alcohol consumption rate. Prague attained the first position, representing an average annual consumption of 14.45 liters of pure alcohol per individual.  Furthermore, Prague ranked among the top cities worldwide for the density of nightlife venues per capita. Prague ranks just after Las Vegas and New Orleans in this regard.

Nearly half of Ireland’s alcohol consumers have accepted that they were engaged in a significant drinking session in the past month. Dublin’s popular tourist hotspot, the Guinness Storehouse, enticed over 1.1 million visitors in 2022. Furthermore, Prague’s nightlife is renowned for its dynamic ambiance and historical appeal.

It provides an extraordinary experience for enthusiasts seeking dynamic social scenes. Berlin secured rank after Dublin; it has nearly 637 nightlife venues and an average drink cost of €4.52. Germany’s capital city also features a remarkable alcohol consumption rate. 80% of its residents partake in alcohol consumption.

Holidu’s Discoveries: Best Cities for Sober Getaways

The study also lists the top cities for alcohol-free getaways. Muscat in Oman topped this list thanks to its minimal alcohol consumption and limited late-night activities. Abu Dhabi (UAE) secured the second position with plenty of attractions and dynamic cultural offerings. Marrakesh, Jakarta, and Dubai were the next cities on the list, following closely after.

Growing Sobriety Among Gen Z

A consultant counseling psychologist, Dr. Ritz, discussed the uplift in sobriety among young adventurers, particularly Gen Z (those born between 1995 and 2009). As per YouGov data, Gen Z is commonly regarded as the “most sober generation”.

Dr. Ritz say, “I think that there has been a rise in people adopting a more sober-curious lifestyle as people educate themselves more on the impact of alcohol on the brain and body. They are becoming more self-reflective and thinking about the consequences of alcohol cognitively, emotionally and behaviorally. For example, a theme that often comes up with my clients is the potential for a wasted day and how pointless a person can feel from consuming alcohol.”

Research by Heineken 0.0 stated that their alcohol consumption has decreased by 25% over the last four years. The corresponding findings reveal that the desire for sober holidays continually increases, presenting novel opportunities for travel companies intending to outfit this growing market.

Travelers willing to step away from the thriving party atmosphere can indulge in sober vacations in cities depicting dynamic cultural experiences, hospitable communities, and dry attractions. The sober holidays trend is estimated to grow steadily in the forthcoming years due to an increasing awareness of health and wellness among people.

Dublin and Prague are renowned for their dynamic nightlife scenes. They have now joined the discussion about the variation of holiday experiences. Having thoroughly understood the needs and preferences of this market segment, they can expand their offerings to appeal to a wider audience.

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