Transforming tourism: Dublin City Council collaborates with OpenAI


Dublin City Council Building, Dublin, Éire - w_lemay via Flickr

The Dublin City Council collaborates with OpenAI, utilizing AI technology to transform Europe’s tourism sector.

This partnership strives to establish a trailblazing milestone in European tourism by showcasing AI’s potential to amplify traveller enjoyment.

Dublin, proudly wearing the mantle of the European Capital of Smart Tourism for 2024, is committed to embracing technological advancements in the tourism sector.

Dublin City Council, in collaboration with OpenAI, is creating a trial version of an Itinerary Planner called “A Day in Dublin” as part of their partnership.

Anna Adeola Makanju, OpenAI’s Vice President of Global Affairs, has been travelling the world and meeting with leaders to advise them on how to strike the balance between the use of technological innovations like OpenAI while maintaining the guardrails needed “to make sure it goes well.”

Our AI technologies, including GPT-4, have great potential to enhance how people explore and experience destinations

Anna Makanju

Utilizing the advanced capabilities of GPT-4, this innovative tool will offer personalized travel recommendations that cater to each visitor’s unique preferences.

This prototype will move away from generic city guides and offer bespoke experiences, making Dublin’s rich cultural heritage more accessible.

Key initiatives of the partnership include the co-development of the Dublin Itinerary Planner Proof of Concept “A Day in Dublin” and supporting tourism across Europe.

As such, an educational event targeting European leaders of technologically advanced travel spots will be held in Dublin this September.

Tourists will examine the ways artificial intelligence (AI) can be utilized in numerous tourism sectors, such as marketing cities and creating customized travel plans.

Lord Mayor of Dublin, Daithi De Roisti, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are delighted to partner with OpenAI to transform tourism experiences.”

Anna Makanju, shared her enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing, “OpenAI is excited to revolutionize how people explore and experience destinations.”

Dublin City Council, OpenAI, and local data consultancy Data & Design have collaborated on this project to showcase how generative AI can deliver unique experiences.

We are delighted to partner with OpenAI to support Dublin and European cities to realise the potential of AI to transform tourism experiences and offerings

Lord Mayor of Dublin Daithí de Róiste

The travel planning prototype will demonstrate how artificial intelligence can enhance tourist experiences.

The initiative promises to create a more engaging, personalized visitor experience that sets a new standard for smart tourism innovation in Europe.

This partnership between Dublin and OpenAI highlights their commitment to leading the way in smart tourism innovations.

“A Day in Dublin” Ushers in a New Era of Travel

The “A Day in Dublin” itinerary planner represents an exciting evolution in travel planning, leveraging AI capabilities to offer bespoke recommendations based on visitor interests.

By offering personalized experiences tailored to each traveller’s preferences, this innovative tool has the potential to significantly improve the overall travel experience.

Of this pivotal collaboration harnessing AI in tourism, Data and Design’s Founder Rudi O’ Reilly Meehan says, “I am delighted to be working with Dublin City Council and OpenAI in building this prototype, and the approach we are taking has significant scope for scaling across other cities and experiences.”

Dublin City Council’s partnership with OpenAI marks an important advancement in employing artificial intelligence for upgrading tourist services.

According to, “This pioneering initiative by OpenAI and Dublin City Council is just the beginning of what could be a global trend in the integration of AI technologies in the tourism industry.”

Dublin’s commitment to embracing technological advancements positions it as an inspirational model for other European cities seeking to innovate within the tourism sector.

As we enter this new era of AI-powered travel planning, this partnership serves as a beacon of innovation and progress in the world of sustainable and smart tourism.

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