Ireland Plug – Which Adapter Does Ireland Use?


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Going on vacation to the Irelands? Or just generally curious about things? Either way, knowing the plugs and sockets of your destination is a wise thing to do. It could save you the cost of purchasing things at an inflated price or being caught off-guard by a cultural shock.

Knowing a country’s socket specifications will help you purchase the right travel adapter for your journey. There are up to fifteen plug and socket types in the world, ranging from Type A to Type O. They all differ in shape and voltage delivered. As a traveller, you don’t need to concern yourself with so many specifics, however, the shapes are important to prevent disappointment.

Plugs and Outlets Used in Ireland

The Ireland Outlet is known as a Type G outlet. It has 3 rectangular shapes arranged in a triangular pattern. This outlet isn’t so common in Europe and it is the sole outlet found in Ireland. However, the Type G outlet is used in some other countries such as Cyprus and Malta, as well as Ireland’s closest neighbour, the United Kingdom. 

Unfortunately, Type G sockets are only compatible with Type G plugs, which means that you won’t be able to plug devices of other plug types into the socket unless you want to risk damaging the plug or/and the socket. Purchasing a universal adapter with a Type G plug is your best bet for having a stress-free connection during your visit.

Ireland’s Electric Plug Voltage Supply

The Ireland plug delivers a 230V supply voltage. This information would be needed in cases where you have appliances with voltage specifications. To solve this problem, it helps to purchase a voltage converter that doubles as an adapter, this way, you have an adapter for your journey that allows you to plug all your necessary appliances.

Want to Know About Other Countries Plug Types?

You can find out which plug type is used in your country of interest here. You can use this information to purchase your adapters and voltage converters. Keep your appliances safe, and save cost and time by thinking ahead about plugs and sockets.

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