Experiencing Ireland: a blend of country music, language, and friendly hospitality


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A journey through Ireland would be filled with unexpected delights, starting with the warm welcome from the locals.

In this article, we will look at the experiences of Berry Tramel, as relayed in his travel blog.

During a recent Uber ride into Galway City, they encountered an Irish driver named Tom and his unique radio selection.

The music playing sounded like a fusion of country music and Irish rhythms. Intrigued by this Irish variation of the beloved genre, they asked Tom for more information.

We heard that the Irish were absolutely splendid hosts for tourists, and that’s certainly been the truth. Not everything is perfect, of course. But Ireland is a wonderful place to visit.

Berry Tramel

His sister-in-law initially believed it was Johnny Cash, but Tom explained it was a local interpretation of his classics.

Street performers in Galway often produce this distinctive sound, adding to the vibrant city atmosphere.

Halfway through their trip, they were already highly recommending a visit to Ireland for an unforgettable vacation. Ireland has been an incredible destination, offering affordable prices and breathtaking landscapes.

Although he knew Ireland had Gaelic roots, he said he was surprised to learn that Irish, or the Irish language, is significantly different from English.

Despite being a minority language, pockets of the population still speak and value Irish as part of their heritage. Prior to the 1800s, nearly all residents on the island spoke only Irish.

However, English gradually became more widespread and eventually replaced Irish as the primary language. Today, schools teach Irish, but few citizens use it daily.

The Irish language was hardly present in their experience of Dublin, whereas in Galway, it was quite prominent.

The respect for American culture runs deep in Ireland, with many referencing historical connections to the United States.

Virtually everyone you meet has some connection to the U.S.

Berry Tramel

President Kennedy’s visit to Eyre Square in 1963 remains a significant moment for both nations, and many Irish citizens have connections to the United States or express a desire to visit someday.

Due to the low crime rate, the Guardia (regular police officers) do not carry guns. However, one incident involving their travel companion’s missing necklace served as a reminder of potential risks.

After lunch in Galway, Donnetta’s necklace mysteriously disappeared. It was later found on the sidewalk outside the pub. Several people have gone by but no one took it.

Donnetta was grateful for such a display of honesty.

Berry Tramel says their trip to Ireland has been filled with beautiful sights, fascinating stories, and friendly encounters.

A few details worth mentioning

The traditional Irish breakfast includes various meats, eggs, potatoes, bread, and unique offerings like soda bread and black pudding.

Their experience with Irish cuisine has been enjoyable, especially the hearty dishes like beef stew and cheeseburgers.

The absence of snakes in Ireland is a popular myth often attributed to Saint Patrick’s influence. However, it was actually the Ice Age that eliminated snakes from the island, making Ireland a truly unique destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

The story of Saint Patrick’s arrival and conversion of the Irish people is an inspiring tale that continues to captivate visitors.

One aspect of Ireland that initially surprised them was the prevalence of smoking and vaping.

Despite minor inconveniences, their adventure through Ireland has been an unforgettable experience filled with wonder, learning, and camaraderie.

Recommendation: must visit!

Berry Tramel encourages everyone to visit this magical land and discover its hidden treasures for themselves.

The stunning landscapes and rich history make Ireland a must-visit destination, even if it comes with some unexpected challenges.

Ireland’s rich history and magnificent landscapes make for captivating stories that will leave visitors in awe.

Last but not least, the Irish people’s warmth and hospitality have left a lasting impression on them, inspiring them to spread kindness and understanding in their own communities.

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