Dublin to Belfast in a Weekend Here’s what to do and where to go


Planning a fun trip from Dublin to Belfast

Located in Northern Ireland, Belfast is notorious for its great bars, restaurants, and rich historical architecture. It is also only a couple of hours away from Dublin. If you are thinking about taking a weekend road trip from Dublin to Belfast, you might want a list of places to visit during the trip as well as in Belfast. This article offers five fun places along the Dublin to Belfast Road and four fun activities to do while in Belfast.

Fun Places Along the Dublin to Belfast Road

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  1. Malahide Town

Malahide is a coastal town located about thirty minutes outside of Dublin. The town offers some of the best views of the Bay of Dublin. In addition, the city has a traditional Georgian design with beautiful storefronts and boutiques.

When visiting Malahide, you might want to stop by Gibney’s, a traditional pub, for a drink. Gibney’s is located on New Street. Also, for a good meal, you might want to visit Old Street Restaurant, which is located around the marina. Other great restaurants around Malahide town include The Greedy Goose and That’s Amore. Some of these places require a reservation, so you may need to check their websites or call ahead before stopping by.

  1. The Boyne Valley

One of the most historically preserved areas in the world, the Boyne Valley, lies in the core of Eastern Ireland. The Valley is home to some of the most historical Irish settlements and battle sites, including the Dowth, Knowth, and Newgrange. In addition, it is home to some of the oldest castles and monasteries in the world.

The valley also has a wide range of accommodations, including AirBnBs, hotels, and hostels, for travellers who want to spend the night fully experiencing the region. To tour the valley, you will need to book a guided tour, as the whole valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  1. Castlewellan Castle and Forest Park

Castlewellan Castle and Forest Park is on the side of the UK border, across the Carlingford Lough, and north of Greencastle. The particular destination is a little off the road to Belfast and will take a significant amount of time from your travel time. The major attraction at Castlewellan Castle is its park. The Forest Park provides a serene spot for chilling out and resting from your long journey. Some travellers bring sleeping bags and tents along to spend the night at the campsite.

It is important to note that you will need to take a ferry ride across the Carlingford Lough. This will cost about €16 per vehicle. In addition, the ferry does not operate at all times during the year. To prevent getting disappointed, you must check the available schedules before beginning your journey in order to make the right plans.

  1. Ards Peninsula

Ards Peninsula is located on the eastern coast of Northern Ireland. The Peninsula is home to some countryside villages. The major attractions in these villages are the fishing culture and fish markets, where you can get all kinds of seafood. In addition, the Echlinville Distillery, located in Kircubbin, is also located along this peninsula. There, you can join a tour of the distillery, learn how the spirits are produced and stored. During this tour, you will be offered some samples to taste and a bottle at the end.

The tour of the Echlinville Distillery costs a small fee, and you might need to call ahead before stopping by in order to prepare them to receive you and your group.

  1. Cooley Peninsula

The Cooley Peninsula is located an hour north of Dublin. The road itself is a diversion from the regular route from Dublin to Belfast and may add an additional 30 minutes to the journey. However, it is worth it to see the scenery along the Cooley Peninsula.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, the Cooley Peninsula is home to some beaches, hills, and forests. Some travellers stop by Carlingford, halfway to Belfast, to go hiking along the hilly terrain; others go mountain biking or kayaking in the Carlingford Lough. You can also stop by Carlingford Arms for a meal and a drink.

Fun Things to Do While in Belfast

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1. Take a walk around the city centre.

Belfast is famous for its Victorian-era buildings and various other preserved, though modernised, buildings. One of them is the former First Trust Bank, which has been reclaimed by the city and is now the arts and culture centre at 2 Royal Avenue. Other great architectures that you might want to visit are the Queen’s Arcade, Belfast Public Library, and Ulster Hall.

In addition, while taking a walk through the city, you should watch out for the Ulster History Circles, which are found all around Belfast and have stories on some historical events regarding the city.

2. Visit St. George’s Market.

St. George’s Market offers a variety of locally produced foods and drinks. In addition, the streets of the market are a great place to see some street performances, especially music performances. You can also find uniquely crafted items on the market.

3. See some street art.

Along the streets of the city are several edgy street art pieces that make nice backdrops for fantastic photographs to commemorate your visit. To see some great art, you can visit the Commercial Court and the Belfast Cathedral Quarter. In addition, there are numerous statues and sculptures along the streets, which you can also check out.

4. Explore the Maritime Mile

Along the River Lagan is the Maritime Mile, which offers a unique backdrop for fun photographs. In addition, the maritime mile is lined with beautiful Victorian-era lampposts and whacky sculptures. This site is also home to the Glass of Thrones-stained glass panels, featuring scenes from the popular TV series Game of Thrones.

Prepare for Your Dublin to Belfast Roadtrip

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Journeying from Dublin to Belfast does not have to be a boring road trip. There are several places to visit along the road to fully immerse yourself in the rich history of coastal Ireland and its environs. This article offered five places to visit while travelling from Dublin to Belfast and four fun activities to do while in Belfast.

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