Dublin Ranked Among World’s Top Five Nicest Smelling Cities


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According to a new study, Dublin has been identified as one of the top five nicest-smelling cities in the world. The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) cleanliness score and the abundance of bakeries, perfume shops, and flower markets were taken into account by the experts at HAYPP. Though often overlooked, the city’s sense of smell indicates a profound ability to take you back to some of your fondest travel memories.

Dublin’s Scents of Tradition and Freshness

Boasting around 10.4 florists and bakeries for each square kilometer, the captivating Irish capital city provides a pleasing olfactory experience. Dubliners take pride in their attachment to Irish pub traditions, characterized by the distinctive smells of breweries and rich pub meals.

The Top Five Nicest Smelling Cities in the World

The allure of Athens, Greece, lies in its bustling marketplaces and cherished culinary heritage, where the fragrant scents of ripe fruits and savory Greek dishes permeate the air. Paris, France, comes in second place, known for its focus on beauty and enjoyment of the senses, mainly through its abundant perfume stores and bakeries. Zurich, Switzerland, comes in third place with its clean mountain air and high standards of overall cleanliness that create an alpine fresh scent experience.

Dublin’s Place Among the Best Smelling Cities

Dublin is the fourth city on the globe in terms of the smell score of 7.9/10. It boasts an EPI cleanliness rating of 57. These aspects make it a must-visit destination for scent connoisseurs. The fifth position is for Luxembourg City due to its immaculately kept parks and abundant green spaces, which improve air quality, as well as a substantial concentration of perfumeries and bakeries.

The city is also popular for its rich pub culture. It boasts the malty scent from breweries, blended with the exquisite smell of traditional Irish pub fare, which contributes to the city’s overall charm.

Holidu, a renowned travel platform from the UK, analyzed cities according to their late-night activity levels per capita and the proportion of residents who indulged in heavy drinking sessions within the previous few months to pinpoint the ideal sober holiday destinations globally.

Dublin was, unfortunately, identified as one of the world’s booziest cities, with a staggering 81.3% of Ireland’s population consuming alcohol. It is worth noting that while Dublin may be well-known for its vibrant pub culture and rich history in brewing, it also offers a wide range of experiences for those looking for a sober holiday.

Dublin’s Hidden Gems

Visitors can explore the city’s stunning Victorian gardens, visit world-class museums such as the National Museum of Ireland or the Little Museum of Dublin, and even take in a show at one of its many theaters. Dublin offers various dining options for foodies, from fine-dining restaurants to cozy cafes and street food vendors.

Additionally, Dublin is home to several vibrant markets, including the historic Temple Bar Market and the modern Dublin Food Co-op, where visitors can sample local produce and artisanal goods. Whether seeking a boozy holiday or a sober adventure, Dublin offers a unique experience that appeals to all senses.

Dublin’s rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse offerings make it an essential destination for anyone exploring the world. Its place among the top five nicest-smelling cities is another reason to add it to your travel bucket list.

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