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Over the bank holiday weekend, DUBLIN Airport has revealed which day is expected to be the busiest. In an effort to “speed up” travel, the airport has also provided advice to people who plan to travel over the weekend. The Dublin airport bank holiday weekend has always been a busy time.

The warning is given in light of the fact that 450,000 passengers are expected to use the airport this weekend, according to officials. Dublin Airport is expected to handle approximately 240,000 passengers between Friday, May 31, and Monday, June 3.

Over 210,000 passengers are expected to arrive at the airport in the same few days. With 117,000 passengers anticipated, Sunday, June 2, appears to be the busiest day of the weekend at the airport.

Travelers are urged to make sure they allow enough time to check in and drop off their bags despite heavy traffic ahead of the busy period. For a short-haul flight, the airport recommends getting to the terminal two hours in advance.

Travelers on long-haul flights should plan to arrive three hours early. Director of Communications at daa Sarah Ryan gave the assurance that Dublin Airport personnel are prepared for the influx.

The team at Dublin Airport is prepared to greet the many thousands of travelers expected to arrive and depart this weekend, she said, adding that it will be another busy weekend.

Stating that they are about to welcome tens of thousands of visitors to Ireland this weekend from all over the globe as we enter the busiest travel season.

Additionally, Sarah offered tips to travelers on how to “speed up” their trip through the airport and get through security more quickly.

She added that by getting ready ahead of time for security screening, travelers can expedite their transit through the airport.

The new C3 scanners they’re installing in both terminals will allow many passengers to pass through them, but the guidelines for liquids stay the same: all liquids must be under 100 ml and contained in a sealed, clear bag that is no larger than 20 x 20 m.

Furthermore, passengers can now leave their electronics and liquids in their carry-on bags to be scanned by the new scanners.

However, liquid rules remain in effect; passengers who pass through the scanners won’t have to wait for their liquids to be removed and repositioned at security.

Sarah also went on that travelers should be ready to have their hoodies and baggy jumpers removed at security check, along with any boots or other footwear that covers more than the ankle.

By preparing smartly in advance, passengers can avoid needless delays.

Sarah Ryan

Sold out alert: dublin airport bank holiday weekend

This occurs after Dublin Airport warned travelers this past weekend that it was sold out.

All of the airport’s parking spaces are reserved, so those who haven’t made reservations may need to consider finding another way to get to the airport.

They posted on social media, saying that they have SOLD OUT parking for the upcoming bank holiday weekend. Moreover, passengers who do not have a reservation should arrange to be dropped off or take a bus or taxi to the airport.

There are bus stops near the terminals that connect flights arriving at the airport from all over the nation. Specific airport services Dublin, Kerry, Clare, Limerick, and Belfast are among the counties from which Aircoach, Flightlink, and Airport Hopper operate.

The Dublin Airport website highlights all of the bus services that are offered. Taxi ranks are located outside of Terminals 1 and 2, making it another option to get to the airport by taxi. Furthermore, a taxi ride from Dublin City Centre to the airport should cost between €25 and €30. An average fair from Heuston Station ought to cost roughly €30.

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