Dublin airport introduces summer enhancements to elevate passenger experience


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Dublin Airport is preparing for its busiest season with a series of upgrades and new openings aimed at enhancing the passenger experience.

Ahead of the summer, DAA, the operator of Dublin Airport, has outlined key commitments to improve the passenger experience.

Swift security checks and improved scanners

Among the key improvements is the airport’s commitment to ensuring that 90% of passengers pass through security in less than 20 minutes. Currently, over half of the passengers benefit from new C3 scanners, which speed up the security process without compromising safety protocols. Dublin Airport plans to install more C3 scanners and replace all existing X-ray machines by October 2025.

Higher passenger approval ratings

In 2023, passenger approval ratings at Dublin Airport increased by 37% compared to the previous year, reflecting the positive impact of ongoing enhancements. The airport aims to continue improving these ratings by addressing passenger feedback and implementing necessary changes.

Expanded dining options

Passengers now have more dining choices with 23 new food and beverage outlets added throughout the terminals. These new outlets offer a variety of culinary experiences, including the recent addition of major chains like Supermacs, Papa John’s, and Bewley’s in Terminal 2.

Bewley’s, a popular coffee chain, is now serving cakes, sandwiches, coffee, and even pints of Guinness. Known as one of Ireland’s top spots for coffee, Bewley’s is expected to be a hit among holidaymakers.

Improved accessibility and facilities

Dublin Airport also focuses on accessibility and family-friendly amenities. New sensory rooms and additional entertainment options for children are being introduced to make the airport more welcoming for families and individuals with special needs. Restroom facilities across the terminals have undergone major upgrades to enhance user experience.

Increased seating capacity

To accommodate more passengers, the airport has added 350 new seats, bringing the total seating capacity to 7,500. This addition addresses passenger feedback requesting more seating options beyond just restaurant areas.

Promoting public transportation

In addition to physical upgrades, Dublin Airport is promoting the use of various public transportation methods to make airport access more convenient. With the expected surge in passengers, the airport advises travelers to reserve car parking spots online in advance.

DAA Media Relations Manager Graeme McQueen highlighted the high demand for parking spaces, noting that the car parks are already sold out for the coming weekend and close to full capacity for the next four weekends. Passengers without pre-booked parking are encouraged to consider alternative transportation options like taxis, drop-offs, or bus services.

Active passenger and staff feedback

The airport values feedback from passengers and staff. A new feature on the Dublin Airport app allows for direct submission of suggestions and comments, ensuring that improvements are continuously informed by those who use the facilities most. Additionally, a Passenger Panel has been introduced to help identify and address issues, enhancing the overall passenger experience.

This summer, Dublin Airport expects to handle over 120,000 passengers daily. The summer season typically sees more than 10 million passengers between May and August, necessitating the recent enhancements. Gary McLean, Dublin Airport Managing Director, emphasized the importance of getting everything right to ensure a smooth experience for both arriving and departing passengers.

Enhanced culinary experience

Passengers at Dublin Airport will encounter a streamlined security process, a diverse range of new dining options, and improved comfort. The airport’s commitment to continually enhancing the passenger experience is evident through its comprehensive range of improvements and new offerings.

Vincent Harrison, Chief Commercial and Development Officer at DAA, highlighted that passengers will enjoy a wider variety of dining options, including Italian, Asian, and Mexican outlets, as well as local Irish brands. This expansion builds on feedback from passengers who have requested more gluten-free options and diverse culinary choices.

As the summer season approaches, Dublin Airport remains dedicated to providing a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for all passengers. The ongoing enhancements and new openings are part of the airport’s mission to ensure every aspect of the passenger journey is optimized for convenience and satisfaction.

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