Cheap Flights From Dublin Airport This Spring


Booking cheap flights from Dublin Airport

As the current global economic downturn is ongoing, there are still some cheap flights amidst the many instances of commodity prices skyrocketing as materials become a challenge. Before now, flights to and from Dublin, the capital of Ireland, had been affordable, but after COVID-19, prices have been affected. But as spring comes up, there’s always a tradition where most airlines discount their prices to enable people to take vacations and make business trips with these cheap flights without spending more on tickets. 

This article will show you the best-operating airlines in Dublin and cheap flights from Dublin Airport this spring that you should check out. Are you ready to make that trip a success? Let’s get into the article proper to learn more about this trending topic. But before then, let’s look at the airlines available at Dublin Airport and see the prices they offer to different countries this spring season.

List of Airlines Currently Available  In Dublin Airport

Airplane at the airport

The following airlines are available in Dublin, many of which have yet to officially announce their promo for the season. However, Aer Lingus announced that it has slashed prices for over 400,000 seats. Passengers who book from March 1 to April 30 this year will pay €20 off return European flights. They are the only airlines that have given an official report. The table below lists the airlines available at Dublin Airport.

Aer LingusAir BalticAir CanadaAir France
Aegean AirlinesAmerican AirlinesAir TransatAurigny
Blue IslandsBritish AirwaysDan AirCroatia Airlines
Emerald AirlinesDeltaEgypt AirEmirates
EurowingsEtihad AirwaysFinnairFlyOne
Hainan AirlinesIberia ExpressIcelandairHiSky
NorwegianPLAYLuxairQatar Airways
TransaviaTUITurkish AirlinesTAP Air Portugal
United AirlinesVuelingWestJetWiderøe

Countries You Can Travel From Dublin Airport and Their Prices

Before you see the cheap flights from Dublin Airport this spring, you must know that these prices may increase following the destination in the countries you can travel from Ireland’s capital. Here are 50 cheap flight prices currently from Dublin airport. The list is arranged from ascending to descending order, so take note.

1. Spain – €15

With flights starting at €15, discover Spain’s lively culture and sunny beaches.

2. Greece – €15

With flights starting at €15, explore Greece’s historical marvels and island paradises.

3. Luxembourg – €15

Take flights from €15 to discover Luxembourg’s charms, including its countryside, cityscapes, and delicious cuisine.

4. Italy – €15

Take flights starting at €15 and discover Italy’s art, history, and cuisine.

5. Belgium – €15

Take a €15 flight to Brussels, Bruges, or Ghent to experience the historic beauty of Belgium. 

6. Switzerland – €15

With €15 flights, discover the stunning scenery of Switzerland, including its villages, skiing, and chocolate.

7. Netherlands – €15

Take a €15 flight and discover the rich culture of the Netherlands, including cheese, museums, and cycling.

8. Poland – €15

With flights starting at €15, discover Poland’s past and enjoy the beauty of the countryside, Warsaw, and Krakow.

9. United Kingdom – €15

Travel for €15 and discover the diversity of the UK—London, the Highlands, and castles.

10. Portugal – €15

Take €15 flights to discover Portugal’s charms: sunshine, seafood, the Algarve, and Lisbon.

11. Denmark – €15

Take €15 flights to discover Denmark’s cosy atmosphere, which includes castles, coastal towns, and Copenhagen.

12. Austria – €15

Take €15 flights to discover Austria’s charms—Vienna, the Alps, and strudel.

13. Slovakia – €15

Take €15 flights to discover Slovakia’s charms, including Bratislava, the Tatra Mountains, and thermal spas. 

14. Croatia – €15

Take €15 flights to discover Croatia’s beauty, including the Adriatic coast, Plitvice Lakes, and Dubrovnik.

15. Germany – €15

Fly for €15 to Berlin, Munich, and Bavaria and experience the charm of Germany.

16. France – €15

Explore France for €15: Paris, Bordeaux, and French Riviera beaches.

17. Czechia – €16

Explore Czechia for €16: Prague, historic castles, Czech beer sampling.

18. Sweden – €20

Explore Sweden’s beauty for €20: Stockholm, Lapland, and the picturesque archipelago.

19. Ireland – €20

Discover Ireland’s charm for €20: Dublin, castles, and the Cliffs of Moher.

20. Estonia – €22

Explore Estonia’s charm for €22: Tallinn, countryside, and Saaremaa beaches.

21. Turkey – €23

Discover Turkey’s fusion for €23: Istanbul, Antalya beaches, Ephesus ruins.

22. Romania – €34

Experience Romania’s diversity for €34: Transylvania streets, Bran Castle, Carpathians.

23. Latvia – €34

Discover Latvia’s charm for €34: Riga’s Old Town, Jurmala beaches, and castles.

24. Hungary – €35

Indulge in Hungary’s delights for €35: Budapest streets, thermal baths.

25. Norway – €40

Experience Norway’s beauty for €40: Bergen fjords, Lofoten mountains, and Tromsø lights.

26. Lithuania – €41

Explore Lithuania’s blend for €41: Vilnius streets, Kaunas sites, and Curonian Spit beaches.

27. Cyprus – €45

Explore Cyprus for €45: Paphos ruins, Ayia Napa beaches, and Larnaca’s streets.

28. Morocco – €47

Immerse in Morocco for €47: Marrakech souks, Sahara camels, and Chefchaouen streets.

29. Albania – €54

Discover Albania for €54: Butrint ruins, Riviera beaches, Accursed Alps.

30. Bulgaria – €55

Explore Bulgaria for €55: Sofia’s streets, Bansko’s slopes, and Black Sea beaches.

31. Malta – €58

Discover Malta for €58: Ħaġar Qim temples, Valletta streets, and Comino’s lagoon.

32. Serbia – €61

Experience Serbia for €61: Belgrade’s history, Studenica monasteries, and Danube nightlife.

33. Iceland – €64

Embark on Iceland for €64: Waterfalls, Blue Lagoon, Northern Lights.

34. North Macedonia – €72

Uncover North Macedonia for €72: Skopje streets, Ohrid ruins, Mavrovo hikes.

35. Finland – €74

Experience Finland for €74: Helsinki, saunas, Finnish Lakeland, and the Northern Lights.

36. Montenegro – €79

Indulge in Montenegro for €79: Kotor’s Old Town, Budva beaches, and Durmitor hikes.

37. Bosnia and Herzegovina – €80

Immerse in Bosnia and Herzegovina for €80: Sarajevo, Mostar’s Old Bridge, countryside.

38. Algeria – €84

Discover Algeria for €84: Timgad ruins, the Sahara trek, and Algiers streets.

39. Slovenia – €96

Experience Slovenia for €96: Lake Bled, Julian Alps, Ljubljana streets.

40. Armenia – €99

Delve into Armenia for €99: Tatev Monastery, Yerevan, and Mount Ararat hikes.

41. Jordan – €105

Explore Jordan for €105: Petra, Dead Sea, Wadi Rum Desert.

42. United States – €108

Experience the US for €108: NYC, Grand Canyon, and Miami.

43. Tunisia – €109

Uncover Tunisia for €109: Carthage Ruins, Tunis Medina, Djerba Beaches.

44. Egypt – €109

Embark on Egypt for €109: Giza pyramids, Nile cruise, Red Sea diving.

45. Saudi Arabia – €111

Journey to Saudi Arabia for €111: Riyadh, Al-Ula, Mecca, Medina.

46. United Arab Emirates – €129

Discover the UAE for €129: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah beaches.

47. Canada – €141

Explore Canada for €141: Banff, Toronto, Niagara Falls.

48. Lebanon – €147

Immerse in Lebanon for €147: Baalbek ruins, Beirut, Tyre beaches.

49. Georgia – €153

Experience Georgia for €153: Tbilisi, Caucasus hikes, Kakheti wines.

50. Kuwait – €163

Discover Kuwait for €163: the Kuwait City skyline, Kuwait Towers, and Failaka beaches.


The flight prices in this article are subject to change, but these are the current flight prices from Dublin Airport. Skyscanner has an updated list of locations in the countries in this article; you can check it to arrange a better experience this spring season. Remember to go through the proper channels when booking cheap flights.

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