Job fairs in Dublin this spring – get a new job in 2024


Job fairs in Dublin

Looking for jobs or job fairs in Dublin equals having employment letters sticking out your window panes. That’s because they are everywhere! In recent years, Dublin has witnessed a rapid rise in job opportunities. As well as being a vibrant home to rich culture, cuisine, and major attractions, this capital city of Ireland is also a target location for renowned companies looking to erect their major branches. From well-known tech companies like Facebook and Google to quality pharmaceuticals like Pfizer to hospitality and tourism companies, the city sure is brimming with jobs.

But job opening times differ for each company, don’t they? This is why this article aims to show you the job fairs happening in Dublin this spring. Read on to find your fair of choice and be gainfully employed in 2024!

Construction Jobs Expo

On the 18th of May, 2024, the Construction Jobs Expo stormed Dublin City at 4 Anglesea Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin, the job fair was a promise for those seeking construction jobs. As well as the jaw-dropping offer of free admission to this job fair, people had access to hundreds of active construction job opportunities for home and abroad, a platform to network with employers and fellow job seekers, and an avenue to gain valuable career guidance. 

As a bonus, the hosts had a packed seminar filled with a variety of noteworthy topics that were helpful to job-seekers. Ranging from the art of maximizing social media to land your dream job to how to ace your interviews on the spot, this career fair was packed with goodies for both construction jobs-oriented individuals and uninterested ones. You may have missed this year’s edition, but keep your ears to the ground for the next!

Work and Skills, Ballyfermot

If you are looking for a more inclusive job fair with lots of benefits attached, Work and Skills holds your answer. Happening on the 24th of April at Ballyfermot Road, Dublin 10, there is a host of jobs waiting for the catch. From tech to hospitality niche, the 3 hours event will provide you with a variety of job opportunities to suit your skill set. No worries if you do not yet have a defined skillset as a skills training is set to occur alongside the career fair that day. If your goal is to interact with employers and glean information to assist you in future interviews, Work and Skills guarantees a scheduled time for that. To attend the fair, admission is free, but registration on their website is compulsory.

Work and Skills, Blanchardstown

Coinciding with the Work and Skills job fair at Ballyfermot on April 24th, it is only normal to wonder how you can attend both. However, the Work and Skills Blanchardstown edition is hosted by O’Brien Landscaping, a leading company for landscape and sports grounds. This streamlines the available jobs to the sports design, construction, and maintenance niche.

So if you are one with a knack for sports and jobs in that niche, register for free on their website, find your way to Intreo Centre, Blanchardstown, and be a proud job owner this spring.

STEM Women Graduate Careers Event

Are you a graduate of a STEM course? Or are you still schooling in this niche? Then this career fair is for you. Happening on the 14th of June from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm at Aviva Stadium in Lansdowne Road Dublin 4, this fair is your best bet to landing your dream job in the sciences, tech, engineering, financial services and consulting niche.

The organizing team guarantees a prolific stall for each company, where you can walk in and have a chat with the recruitment team. Perfect for students and new graduates, your options can vary from a part-time to a full-time role, giving you ample time to study or explore other interests. The best part? This job fair is free to attend. Only ensure to register at their site and hike up your chances of getting a new job in Dublin this spring.

St John of God Dublin South East Jobs

If healthcare jobs are what makes your CV light up, the St John of God Dublin South East Open Evening job fair might just be where you get to shine. Slated to be held on the 13th of May from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm, this free evening fair carries an air of difference, and it radiates in their requirements too! All you need to land a job with this organization is a minimum QQI Level 6 Qualification in Psychology or Supporting people with Special Needs or Nursing or Education or Teaching or Social Care. In summary, the job opportunities here abound. 

Do well to tag along with your CV and driver’s license to the job fair centre at Glenageary Road Dublin, for an on-site interview. 

Side note: Free parking is available, and light refreshments are guaranteed!

Plan Stategically For Employment in Dublin 

Plan for job fairs

While it is important to increase your chances of landing a good role by showing up for a majority of these events, it is also crucial that you scrutinize job fairs for factors like the relevance of the featured jobs. Other factors like the accessibility of location and proximity to your residence, the expectation of your prospective employers, preparatory techniques, and follow-up procedures are key considerations. 

To widen your likelihood of impressing your potential employers, ensure you review the requirements of the companies to be present at the job fair and align your CV. Also, be open to networking with employers and fellow jobseekers to build a valuable community and get tips on what to do better. In the meantime, check out the suggested job fairs in Dublin highlighted above and get a job this spring!

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