Here’s a List of All the Breweries in Dublin You Should Check Out


Breweries in Dublin

It is true what people say, “In Dublin, there is always a lurking surprise.” This is also true for the breweries in Dublin. In each, there is a story to tell, and surely, some refined ale to taste. But more impressive is how these breweries have fast become a centre of attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Ranging from the companies with the coolest lagers to the fruitiest of ales and the toughest of stouts, here is a list of all the best breweries in Dublin that you should check out to make the most of your experience.

Guinness Open Gate Brewery

Guinness logo

Standing tall at Saint James’s Gate, 53 James’s Street, Guinness Brewery has surely earned its fame with top rankings on Google as evidence. When you think of the darkest and richest of beers with a creamy taste, Guinness’s stout comes to mind. They offer a cheap and premium visitor’s ticket inclusive of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Firstly, a beer connoisseur takes you around, explaining their history and fine concoctions, all with a pint in hand. For extra pleasure, they offer a customized stout experience called the STOUTie which is a beer topped with a selfie of your choice. Two things to note: bookings must be made in advance, and no matter what, do not forget to visit the rooftop bar before leaving!

The Porterhouse Brew Co.

The Porterhouse Brew Co.

Stag Industrial Estate at Dublin 11 should be thankful for hosting one of Dublin’s most incredible history houses. Known for opening Ireland’s first craft beer bar back in 1996, The Porterhouse Brew has since been a pioneer in the Irish craft beer scene, retaining their commitment to age-long traditional brewing methods and state-of-the-art quality ingredients. Opening from 4 pm to 11:30 pm from Monday to Thursday and shorter on weekends, they are your go-to if you want to pint-binge a variety of beers.

 Try their Plain Porter which is their multiple award-winning drink, taking home gold at the “Brewing Oscars” in 1998 and 2012. Lastly, to crown your experience at this ale home, be ready to dance to their booming live music all night long.

Trouble Brewing

Trouble Brewing

Founded on St Patrick’s Day in 2010 by 3 friends, Trouble Brewing is your brewery to visit to get a feel of more conventional beers with a twinge of the ageless Irish beer recipes woven in between. Located at Kill, Co Kildare, Trouble is an independently owned brewery aimed at experimenting their way into the hearts of craft beer lovers. And they did succeed. 

Booming their way through every weekday and weekend, a stop at Trouble is all you need to get a motivating founding story while enjoying their special Pumpkin ale. If you love classics, they will also leave you enchanted with their core lineup of a crisp lager, a juicy pale ale, and a rich porter.

Rascals Brewing Company

Rascals Brewing Company

If you are looking for a fully immersive brewery tour experience that will leave you feeling like a pro at beer making, you should visit Rascals Brewing Company. Sitting pretty on Unit 5 Goldenbridge Industrial Estate, they’ve got a behind-the-scenes section open to tourists to give them a feel of how their favourite beers are produced. The beer connoisseur takes it a step further by describing the various ingredients and grains used in making each beer and even offers an invite to take a whiff of the various hops and much more.

 After your tour, you can unwind at their restaurant with delicious food from their diverse menu. All this for a fee that doesn’t break the bank. Be sure to make a stop!

J.W. Sweetman

J. W. Sweetman

Located at 1-2 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2, J.W. Sweetman is your best bet for getting beers borne from the oldest of Irish culture. Established in 1756, this brewery has been no slacker in innovating and adjusting its menus to suit modern tastes. Still, they have earned their fame for upholding the rich ancient Irish beer recipes. The brewery building houses a microbrewery, a pub, and a restaurant–all big enough for a long walk while you listen to its political founding story. Be sure to try one of their featured specials from their assorted craft brew range, like their Irish Red Ale–the creamiest of them all. Be careful to book in advance to avoid disappointments!



Located at the Cherry Orchard Industrial Estate, Unit 67B, Dublin 10, Whiplash is your go-to for the freshest of beers. From what started as a weekend project to make one-off beers, Whiplash has fast grown to become an award-stacking brewery with 4-6 limited edition specials each month. With quality beer as their focus, they allow their visitors and customers to stack up a beer box with their preferred drinks at a discount. Don’t forget to stop here and enjoy these features!

Lineman Brewery


If you’re looking for a more recent brewery with a speciality in handmade craft beers, Lineman holds your answer. Established in 2019, this brewery has made headlines by priding itself on its ability to be experimental with flavours. Making a name for itself with each new release, this brewery gets even more interesting when you hear its founding story. Stop by to enjoy a modern-day ale with the feel of Irish culture while feeding your eyes with its enchanting beer variety.

Enjoy Your Brewery Visit

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And we are done! This list is a comprehensive guide to the best breweries in Dublin to visit. From the tangy-tasting stouts to the creamy and fruity ales, there is a brewery to satisfy your curiosity. To make the most of your beer thrill, tag along with a friend, and be ready to leave feeling like beer connoisseurs yourselves!

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