Here are the Nicest Workspaces Dublin has to Offer


Nicest Workspaces in Dublin

If you’re looking for top-notch workspaces located in Dublin that offer comfort and a satisfactory working environment for carrying out your activities then this article is for you. Dublin has locations that look out for digital nomads, freelancers, and small-scale organizations. To help ease your search for a conducive workspace, we’ve curated a list of the top 5 workspaces. Read up and enjoy!

  1. Coworkinn

Coworkinn is an active haven for solo professionals, situated in the tranquil suburb of Sandyford. This workspace is more than just a place to plug in your laptop; it’s a fully-fledged all-inclusive workspace having a meeting room, as well as amenities such as printers, storage lockers, and faxing equipment. To top it up there’s Wi-Fi and tea/coffee-making facilities. It’s a cosy, inviting space designed not just for work, but for fostering a sense of community.

Membership options at Coworkinn are tailored to fit different needs. Coworkinn’s pricing structure is as flexible as its seating options, starting at €95 for two days of access and going up to €275 for a full-time desk. For an additional €45, you can even use Coworkinn’s address as your official business address, lending a professional edge to your enterprise. 

For those who prefer a more flexible arrangement, the drop-in membership provides access to the workspace for up to 15 days a month, with the freedom to choose any available desk.

  1. WeWork 

WeWork is another big name in Dublin’s co-working landscape, boasting four prime locations within the city and a staggering 700 globally. They boast of provisions suited to the modern professional with round-the-clock access, ensuring that no matter the hour, your workspace awaits.

WeWork also offers expansive office spaces capable of housing teams of up to 100 employees which is well-suited to small-scale organisations. For smaller teams or solo freelancers, dedicated desks and regular workstations provide the perfect blend of privacy and community. And with pricing as flexible as their workspaces — starting at €45 for a day pass to monthly memberships — WeWork ensures that commitment is tailored to your terms, not theirs. 

  1. Glandore 

A workspace in Dublin synonymous with elegance and professionalism is Glandore. Glandore offers immaculate workstations that exude sophistication. Strategically situated in Dublin’s most sought-after locations, including the prestigious Fitzwilliam Square, Glandore provides a variety of office settings, from charmingly converted townhouses to sleek modern office buildings.

For businesses seeking a prestigious city centre address without the need for physical space, Glandore’s virtual offices are the perfect solution. Meanwhile, individuals and teams can choose from dedicated workspaces or coworking stations, all designed to enhance productivity within a professional setting. Glandore goes beyond mere space; it provides comprehensive support with private office services, dedicated IT support, meeting rooms, and robust CCTV security, ensuring seamless business operations. Pricing details are thoughtfully provided upon enquiry, tailoring to your specific needs.

  1. Talent Garden

Nestled on Claremont Avenue in Glasnevin, Talent Garden presents a co-working campus that’s a cut above the rest, fostering a vibrant community spirit. The campus is a testament to modern design, featuring expansive open areas and cosy break-out spaces that spark creativity and encourage networking among professionals.

Talent Garden’s offerings are comprehensive: from the airy openness of the communal workspace to the privacy of individual office spaces, shared offices, and well-equipped meeting and workshop rooms. The amenities are top-notch, including high-speed Wi-Fi, ample parking for members, efficient mail and package handling, and a community kitchen where complimentary tea and coffee flow endlessly.

The pricing at Talent Garden is as flexible as its working spaces, with options to suit every need: €30 for a day pass or €320 for a monthly membership, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect work-life balance.

  1. Regus

Regus, with its impressive spread of 13 locations throughout Dublin, is a beacon of innovation in the co-working space sector. It offers business professionals a sleek, corporate environment that is both clean and conducive to productivity. The spaces boast modern furnishings, with offices ready for businesses to establish their presence and desks dedicated to individuals seeking a productive niche.

The office options at Regus are diverse, catering to teams of all sizes. They also cater to individual professionals and freelancers with on-demand access to open-space workstations, ensuring a desk is available whenever inspiration strikes. Members can opt for specific desks for five, ten, or an unlimited number of days each month. Additionally, Regus offers a prestigious business address service, enabling virtual businesses to register a notable city address as their official business location.

The pricing structure at Regus is as versatile as its workspace offerings. Shared spaces start at €45 per person, per day, and go up to €269 per person, per month for dedicated desks. For those seeking a more permanent solution, private and custom offices are available at approximately €345 per person, per month, while day offices can be secured for €79 per day. Membership subscriptions for individuals are competitively priced at €109 per month, providing a cost-effective gateway to this professional haven. 

Secure Suitable Workspaces in Dublin

Securing Suitable workspaces in Dublin

For the digital nomad navigating Dublin’s rich tapestry of workspaces, the abundance of choice can be as daunting as it is exciting. The key lies in venturing through the diverse array of spaces the city has to offer and discovering the one that resonates with your work rhythm. This article has highlighted five of Dublin’s nicest workspaces, each a blend of prime location, distinctive style, and thoughtful amenities. May this guide serve as your compass to finding that perfect workspace where productivity and comfort align. Happy hunting!

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