Good Dates in Dublin


Romantic dates in Dublin

You can easily have a good romantic date in Dublin. It takes more than just a couple of hi’s and hellos to get two people together. With social media, it has been easier for people to engage and interact more, the need for human-to-human interaction and contact can not be neglected regardless. 

Are you and your spouse in Dublin and looking to have one of the best experiences on your anniversary? Or are you looking to surprise your spouse with one of the best dates in Dublin? Here are 5 great ideas and places you can go to experience one of the best dates in Dublin. 

These locations and ideas for dates in Dublin will be separated into two main groups, one group for the extroverts who don’t mind mixing with people, and the other for those who would rather be by themselves.

Best Places for Romantic Dates In Dublin for Extroverts

Good dates in Dublin as extroverts

You and your partner might just be the types who like explosive and fun events to keep each other entertained regardless of the company of others, and you’re looking to have exciting programmes lined up for your date. Here are some places perfectly set up for you and your partner to have your date in Dublin.

Vintage Cocktail Club

Perfectly tucked behind an inconspicuous doorway in Dublin’s Temple Bar is one of the most gorgeous oases of cocktails and calm. With an extensive cocktail menu, expert mixologists, antique furniture, beautiful art, a roaring fire, and a fabulous terrace, Vintage Cocktail Club has the perfect setting for you and your partner to have a glorious date in Dublin.

In this 1920s-style clandestine bar set over 3 floors, you also get free WiFi, a menu of delicious bites for dinner, gift cards, and an enchanting date experience that leaves you in awe, forgetting about your worries and the world below you in the course of being in there. This is the perfect place to begin or end a date in Dublin.

Kilmainham Gaol Museum

Right there to the south of River Liffey is a site where many of the famous Irish greats were imprisoned. Although this is not the regular date idea, an adventurous couple who find the eerie aspects of life have found themselves the perfect place for their date in Dublin. 

Before it was closed in 1924, it had been home to a number of Ireland’s first set of political leaders like President Eamon de Valera, Charles Stewart Parnell, Robert Emmet and the members of the 1916 Easter Rising who had 14 of them executed in the Stonebreaker’s yard right there in Kilmainham Gaol. 

Many fascinating tales and stories of Irish history will be told, and the scary ones will have you and your partner subconsciously holding each other which fuels the romance on the date. Any fan of movies will also recognise the interior used in many famous movies like ‘The Italian Job’, ‘The Wind That Shakes The Barley’, and ‘Paddington 2’. There are also many restaurants and pubs just nearby to fill your stomach on your date.

There are many other museums you can go to with your partner for a date in Dublin, like The Irish Whiskey Museum, The Little Museum of Dublin, and The National Museum of Ireland.

Phoenix Park

Just north of Kilmainham Gaol, west of the city centre is the largest walled city park in Europe, Phoenix Park. As a former royal hunting park, it is a beautiful enchanting park which serves as home to a couple of deers that roam freely. With walking routes already made available, the date can start out with a walk around the park, where you get to come across the Papal Cross and the Wellington Monument. It is also the perfect spot for a picnic, so make sure to pack your mat and meal, settle down after your stroll, enjoy the scenery, and familiarise yourself with your date.

You can easily start out at the park’s Visitor Centre & Ashtown Castle where you will learn a lot about the history of the park. You also get to see the Farmleigh House, a 78-acre Edwardian estate, which still acts as a working farm. Phoenix Park is a beautiful and clean park where you can have one of the best dates in Dublin.

A Date In Dublin For Just The Two Of Us

A nice private date in Dublin

Different strokes for different folks. If you and your partner are the easy-going ones who prefer each other’s company, and would rather not be surrounded by the hole boring eyes of strangers, here are some lovely places for a private non-invasive date in Dublin.

Oval Studio

This Georgian Oval Studio is a historic oval-shaped apartment in Dublin that has been in existence since 1972. It is a romantic apartment with 100-year-old details conserved in it. It has a mezzanine bedroom accompanied by its own bathroom and bath comfortable enough for you and your partner to get soaked in for a lovely bath. Other amenities are a well-equipped kitchenette and a furnished dining area. It has a smart TV perfect for the famous Netflix and chills for you to watch any movie of your choice. 

You can choose to watch the view from the 10ft window in the comfort of your lover’s company right inside the apartment. Your date can be further buttressed with many of these befitting areas for a perfect date in Dublin like the Gate Theatre, Hugh Lane Gallery of Modern Art, and Writers’ Museum which are just a stone’s throw away from this apartment and all add up to this already perfect date site.

Bull Island

Graciously situated in Dublin Bay is a 5000m long × 800m wide island with a sandy beach known as Dollymount Strand accompanying its entire length. Known as Bull Island, this is one of the best sites for dates in Dublin. The 5km long sandy beach magnanimously serves as a cool spot for people to mark territories, settle down and enjoy the view of the sea. 

Any couple looking for less intrusion and a little privacy could easily take a light walk, as much as a thousand meters away,  and wouldn’t have exhausted the magnanimity of the Island and the sandy beach that comes with it.

For your date, you can easily pick a spot with your partner, away from other people, where you build sandcastles, lie on the seabed right there in the sunshine or sunset, take pretty pictures, and have a quick picnic away from the water with a nice view of the waves and nature. Any confident swimmer can easily hop into the shallow parts of the sea to have a quick dive spraying love splashes towards the partner.

Also not far away from the island, on the mainland are several cafes and restaurants where the date in Dublin can continue before fully retiring for the day.

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