Digital Nomad Guide In Dublin – best coffee shops to work in


Coffee Shops for a Digital Nomad

The ever-bubbling city of Dublin is not only known for its beauty and richness in Irish culture but also for its ability to evolve and support the creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship of digital nomads. This growth appeal of Ireland’s capital has now made the city a target for a surge of digital nomads looking for a perfect combo of work and their exploration goals. But they can’t just work anywhere on the street now, can they?

This is why in this guide, we’ll be uncovering the best coffee spots in Dublin to walk in and work while enjoying a blend of the finest Irish coffee selection, Irish cuisine, and comfortable work spaces.

Clement & Pekoe

A walk down to 50 South William Street at Dublin 2 would reveal the ever-serene Clement & Pekoe. A cosy haven for remote workers seeking a quiet and spacious place to work, the café prides itself in its ageless yet rich coffee selection.

Aside from the warm welcome from the staff anytime you step in, your coffee ticket automatically grants you access to their ample table space, hands-down gorgeous(and inspiring) decor, and a generous menu with healthy meals when you need to take a meal break from work and refuel.

Café Crema

Sitting pretty on Middle Abbey Street, Café Crema is constantly buzzing with an in-and-out movement of digital nomads and steady patrons, but the buzz is never rowdy.

At Café Crema, it is rumoured that the only distraction you would face as a remote worker is the aroma of their freshly ground coffee beans. And isn’t this a delightful problem? Their opening hours coincide with the work hours of remote workers, and they provide the desirable ambient setting to help you focus. 


Looking for a sleek and modern café to set up your digital nomad tent? Aungier Street has your answer. Open from Monday to Friday till 3 pm, Network is hyped by both foreigners and locals for the quality of their coffee and robust menu. One step in and its minimalist design and sufficient seating space would grab your attention. With the troop of remote workers coming in daily to enjoy good coffee and work, it is little wonder they rank high on Google as a focused working environment.

Vice Coffee Inc

If you’ve ever been intrigued by a building inside another building, you’ll quickly fall for Vice Coffee Inc. Situated at 54, Middle Abbey Street, this cafe shares a space with the infamous Wigwam bar. Outside, you see Wigwam, inside, it’s Vice Coffee Inc. This setting is loved by locals and remote workers for the ease of switching up when work is over. Do you love Irish coffee to the core? This place offers a selection that you could hardly exhaust in months.

Shoe Lane Coffee

Located in the middle of Dublin, near Tara Street Station,  Shoe Lane Coffee is not given enough credit for its uniqueness. This café is a hidden gem for digital nomads as it offers an environment so beautiful and cool, you’d never want to work anywhere else. Their socket placement is so strategic that you could get one to charge your device as you enjoy the view outside. Offering Wi-Fi and healthy snacks, you set yourself up for a productive day. 

Bonus tip: don’t forget to go upstairs!

Third Space Smithfield

Third Space Smithfield is not just beautiful for its service, they are a noble business focused on creating social benefits. Little surprise the patrons testify to the warm environment now and then. Looking for the comfort of a home away from home? This café at the heart of Dublin 7 is your best bet. Alongside your pleasant-to-taste-and-look-at coffee, you are treated to a healthy menu and pleasing environment.

The Fumbally

Open from 9 am to 5 pm from Tuesday to Saturday, The Fumbally is the café you tag ‘exquisite.’ Located in Dublin 8, it is loved for its lush space and this makes it a top-notch environment for digital nomads who dislike work interruption. If you are seeking inspiration and focus, The Fumbally offers the complete combo with its entry of abundant natural light, state-of-the-art decor, and rich delicacies to keep you refreshed through your work hours. 

Pro tip: The weekends here are rowdy and that makes it hard to concentrate.


This café haven is spread out across the beautiful city of Dublin in over 8 locations, making it easy to walk into any and access quality coffee service and a serene, beautiful workspace. Alongside its convenience of access, their coffee is excellent enough to help you break through any creative block you might experience while working. All Coffeeangel spots provide a seamless Wi-Fi service and power sockets, making the brand a favourite among digital nomads. Walk into the closest branch and you will love it too!

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That right there is a fine list of the best coffee shops in Dublin to work in. Before settling for any, consider the factors most suitable for you, that is, the wifi speed, seating comfort, ambience, or even the coffee tang. Also, don’t forget to support your favourite workspace with frequent patronage.

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