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Dublin Live Camera

One excellent way to get a flavour of the energy and landscape of the city of Dublin without even travelling there is by viewing some of the city’s live webcam offerings. As the vibrant capital and largest city in Ireland, Dublin offers visitors a wealth of historic sites, cultural attractions, nightlife entertainment and natural scenery to experience. 

In this article, we will highlight some of the top sites to watch live cameras in Dublin to let you soak up the dynamic charm of the city in real time. 

Dublin Live Camera Showing The Busy Streets

Dublin Busy Streets

The Temple Bar Earthcam

For lively street action showcasing the heartbeat of cultural Dublin, The Temple Bar Earthcam situated atop the Temple Bar Pharmacy provides unique views right into the heart of this renowned nightlife district. Situated on the south bank of the River Liffey, Temple Bar features high-energy vibes from its many traditional pubs and bars that embrace tourism but also cater to locals. This live cam gives a window directly inside the famous Temple Bar Pub, where spirited revellers pack the rustic environs to soak up the ambience fueled by traditional Irish food, drink and music. Outside on the streets, the webcam captures selfie-taking tourists against the backdrop of restaurants, galleries, shops and more that contribute to the palpable vitality.  

O’Connell Street Cam 

Situated along one of Dublin’s grandest boulevards, this webcam looks directly at the iconic neoclassical General Post Office building that dates from 1818. Designed by renowned Irish architect Francis Johnston, this iconic building features outstanding Greek columns and an ionic portico symbolizing the importance of postal communication to society. The edifice also marks the central location of the 1916 Easter Rising, a pivotal time in Irish independence from Britain, making it a location steeped in history. The webcam’s glimpse transports viewers back in time when events here changed Ireland’s trajectory while also tying to the present through the inclusion of modern aspects like light rail tracks and eye-catching street art.

Dublin Live Camera Showing The Public Parks and Zoo 

Public Park

Cabra Road Cam

Situated along the busy Cabra Road that links central Dublin with the northwestern suburb of Cabra, this webcam provides live views heading both east and west along this critical artery linking the city centre to suburban neighbourhoods. Watch Dublin buses, cars, lorries, bikes and pedestrians traverse this route that is lined with homes, shops and pubs. One view looks towards the vibrant neighbourhood of Phibsborough with its mix of residential streets, small businesses and restaurants, while in the other direction, the webcam gazes out over the magnificent Phoenix Park. This webcam lets you feel the energetic bustle of everyday Dublin life traversing one of its major thoroughfares.

Phoenix Park Cam

As one of Europe’s largest completely enclosed public parks, Phoenix Park presents a welcome respite from the urban pace situated just 3 km west of the bustling Dublin centre. The Rathmines Dublin Ireland webcam provides six different live views of this iconic landmark showcasing sights like Ashtown Castle, the Wellington Monument honouring the defeat of Napoleon, and stately Áras an Uachtaráin, the official residence of Ireland’s President. The park also contains Dublin Zoo, Victorian ornamental gardens, wild deer, historic monuments plus wide open green space for sports and recreation, encapsulated in these webcam views expressing the heartbeat of Dublin itself through scenes of this treasured getaway, making it a very interesting Dublin live camera.

Dublin Zoo’s Animal Webcams

For a wholly unique Dublin webcam experience, check out the three live streams from Dublin Zoo capturing their menagerie of animals on exhibit. Views include the sprawling African Savannah with roaming zebras, giraffes, rhinos and more; the lively aquatic antics from the frolicsome penguins in their pool, and the Kaziranga Forest Trail that is home to the Zoo’s beloved herd of Asian elephants, often seen lumbering about with their young calves. See these magnificent creatures from rare, endangered species in spaces evoking their natural habitats. These kid-friendly webcams are both educational regarding wildlife conservation efforts and thoroughly entertaining for all ages.

Foxheaven Cam

Operating only at night when motion-activated lights turn on, the Foxheaven webcam is a Dublin Live Camera that provides rare glimpses of Dublin’s native red foxes that frequently visit the garden shown looking for supplemental food to forage. The set-up allows glimpses of these typically shy creatures fully exploring their surroundings, playfully interacting with toys and objects, or possibly settling in to dine on treats left for them. For city dwellers, this webcam presents an authentic peek into Dublin’s thriving urban wildlife often unseen as they avoid human interaction. These foxes dwell remarkably close to the city centre, presenting a wonderful juxtaposition of untamed nature against manmade infrastructure.

Dublin Live Camera Around The Seaside

Dublin Seaside

Howth Hill Cam

Perched atop soaring Howth Hill that marks the northern edge of Dublin Bay, this live cam presents views looking out over islands dotting the Irish Sea including Ireland’s Eye, Lambay Island, and in the distance, the stone towers of Irish ecological gem Ireland’s Eye. On clear days, this Dublin Live camera also captures views of the renowned Howth Lighthouse as well as Baily Lighthouse. Whether watching the sunset over silhouetted cliffside homes or spotting seals and waterfowl swimming in the harbour, this seaside webcam presents a destination teeming with history yet remains breathtakingly tranquil and picturesque despite its proximity to Dublin city.    

Dublin City Centre Cam 

From the heights of Liberty Hall on Eden Quay, this webcam commands gorgeous high-level panoramas from the very heart of Dublin City Centre where the River Liffey converges with the Irish Sea at scenic Dublin Bay against a backdrop of Dublin Mountains. Watch ships enter the bustling harbour while simultaneously gazing at iconic landmarks like the Spire of Dublin and the domed 18th-century Four Courts building. The webcam pans across Ha’penny Bridge, Millennium Bridge, warehouses converted to modern flats and the impressive Samuel Beckett Bridge designed in the style of a Celtic Harp lying on its side. This is one Dublin live camera that encapsulates the past and present converging along the River Liffey that spawned Dublin itself.  

Interesting Dublin Indoor Live Camera

St. Brigid’s Church

As a beloved local historical landmark in Dunleer County Louth, St. Brigid’s Roman Catholic Church provides live webcam footage showcasing the church’s ornate interior accessible to virtual visitors worldwide. Built circa 1800, renovations over time added a tower and stained glass while retaining intricacies like mosaic tile floors and hand-carved statuary in the traditional Catholic style. This live cam stream focuses on sumptuous details not easily seen from the exterior such as funeral hatchments memorializing deceased parishioners and the sanctuary’s soaring arches leading visitors’ eyes upwards toward symbolic aspects like the shining cross. By experiencing this optical feast, the webcam provides intriguing cultural insight into Ireland’s long Catholic heritage.


This selection highlights some of the most engaging Dublin live camera options that let virtual visitors experience vistas of Ireland’s largest city from scenic landscapes to energetic street scenes and cultural touchstones. By “travelling” to Dublin through these webcam portals, anyone can become immersed in the visual spirit and charisma of this vibrant and history-rich destination.

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