Best Places in Dublin To Enjoy Drinks On St. Patrick’s Day


Best Places To Have Drinks on St. Patrick's Day

St. Paddy’s Day is set to blast the lively city of Dublin in March, and foods and drinks on St. Patrick’s Day are taking their seats at the front row of the feast. Are you a fan of the latter? Would you love to take a run in the pub as you join the celebrations? Does taking a pint in a beautiful bar on the lit night of St. Patrick’s Day sound good to you? If you answered yes, then you will love this guide highlighting the best places in Dublin to enjoy drinks on St. Patrick’s Day. 

Best Pubs To Drink on St. Patrick’s Day

Enjoying Drinks on St. Patrick's Day

The Temple Bar

Standing out at 16–18, Parliament Street, Dublin 2, the Temple Bar is your best bet for a party house every night of the week. One step in, and you will be welcomed by their ever-smiling staff ready to reflect the same smile on your face with their sleek service. As well as a fine selection of music playing in the background, their menu is filled with drinks so diverse, there is a drink for everyone. From the local Irish beers to international lagers to the best whiskey, their menu is rumoured to be unable to fit all their drinks! Let’s not forget that if it gets too noisy inside, you can head out to their beautiful garden just outside to enjoy your drinks on St. Patrick’s Day.

57 The Headline

Looking for a place that serves the best of  Irish and international craft beers? This restaurant and bar spot really makes the headline on that one, as they have over 24 taps dedicated to brewing fresh Irish beers. Their diverse menu leaves you confused for a minute with many exciting drinks to try. As well as its constantly changing menu, this beauty on Lower Clanbrassil Street, Dublin 8, is revered by locals and visitors for its chic wooden furniture and relaxing atmosphere.  Stop here for an unforgettable round of Irish drinks on St. Patrick’s Day. 

The Odeon

Located in the heart of Dublin, this City Centre heartthrob welcomes you with a fine array of drinks displayed on a state-of-the-art counter. Tailored to suit the celebrations, their menu is an attractive mix of delectable drinks and spirits. This amazing combo of great drinks, Irish cuisine, and decor makes the Odeon a top-ranking spot for drinks on St. Patrick’s Day.

Fancy Pubs To Go on St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

Fancy Pubs to go on St. Patrick's Day

The Bleeding Horse

Dating as far back as the 17th century, the Bleeding Horse is a traditional pub tucked away at 24-25 Camden St Upper, Dublin 2. Its ability to retain its historic feel over the years makes it the place for a chilled pint of Guinness as you celebrate the historic holiday. Although the pub prides itself on its traditional heritage, its menu serves great contemporary drinks and dishes. Take a pint at this hallmark of culture while watching their live bands perform, or even better, while listening to their much talked about sports screenings.

Vintage Cocktail Club

If you are craving a cocktail drink on St. Patrick’s Day, say hello to the classic house of mixology! Sipping pretty at Crown Alley, Dublin 2, this club is decorated with sultry designs aimed to take you back in time as you enjoy your drink and the ambient atmosphere. Try their signature tipples, or better still, explore their vintage menu to get the best drink for your mood. It won’t be long before you find yourself bobbing your head to the chill background music in this affordable club.

The Long Hall Pub 

One of Dublin’s oldest and finest pubs, The Long Hall Pub hosts Victorian-style decor that speaks volumes about traditions.  This classic hall arraigned with benches is set to come alive with drinks and good music on St. Patrick’s Day like they do every other day of the week. Take a quick trip to 51, St Great George’s Street and enjoy affordable beers or a glass of whiskey, as well as feeding your eyes to the beautifully arraigned antique clocks, ornate glasses, and hand-engraved historical figures. Be sure to take a friend along as there is a long hall of benches to go around.

Best Places To Enjoy Cocktails on St. Patrick’s Day

Enjoying Cocktails on St. Patrick's Day

The Ivy Dublin

Where is the best bar to get Instagram-worthy shots while enjoying an exquisite cocktail on St. Patrick’s Day? The Ivy, of course! With floral interior decor, huge murals, and splashed bright colours, it is little wonder that this bar quickly became a favourite for celebrities. In this corner at 13-17 Dawson Street, Dublin, The Ivy bar serves their legendary limited-edition cocktail—119 martinis alongside a long list of other appetizing drinks. For the national event on 17th March, their menu has been tweaked to include other tasty additions if you are looking to have a meal with your drink. Drinks here on St. Patrick’s Day won’t be bad, no?  


From espresso martinis to Mojitos to Alcoholic slushies, this Dublin bar is proof that you can have a satisfying celebration on St. Patrick’s Day for an affordable fee. Alongside their legendary cocktail, their freshly baked pizzas rise to compete for your taste buds. This sleek all-white and gold decorated bar on Thomas St at The Liberties runs all day, 7 days a week. You are welcome to get the best drinks here if you’ll just make a stop.

A Calm Pub To Go on St. Patrick’s Day

Quiet Pub To Have Drinks on St. Patrick's Day

Grogan’s Castle Lounge

If you need a break from the bustling crowd at the parade on St. Patrick’s Day, you will find this cosy lounge tucked away at 15, South William Street, Dublin 2, the most pleasant. It’s far enough to take a break, yet close enough to get back in the fun of the celebration or festival. Their menu is a home for diverse drinks, and you should have no qualms about finding your favourite drink here.

Choosing the best places to have drinks on St. Patrick’s Day does not have to be a hassle. Be sure to decide after considering factors like ease of location and budget.

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