16 Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) Restaurants in Dublin


BYOB in Dublin

Dublin is famous for its numerous pubs, suggesting that drinking is a part of the culture. Bring Your Own Booze provides a more affordable option for obtaining alcoholic beverages while dining at a restaurant or attending an event

There are many upscale BYOB dining options to explore throughout Dublin. These establishments provide a delicious menu and permit you to bring your own beverages. Servers may also recommend a meal based on the beverages you have with you, offer suitable glassware for beverages, and provide other necessary amenities. Several locations impose a corkage charge before you’re allowed to bring your own drinks, and some other places may have limitations, like only allowing certain types of drinks or restricting the number of drinks per person. Check out these inviting places where you can BYOB in Dublin. 

BYOB Restaurants without corkage fees

Some restaurants that offer BYOB without any charge include:

  1. Shouk, Dublin 

Shouk offers affordable and delectable Middle Eastern meals such as shakshouka in a pan, falafel pita, or cabbage pita at 40 Lower Drumcondra Rd, Dublin 9. 

  1. Keshk Cafe Restaurant 

This Mediterranean-inspired restaurant on Mespil Road has free corkage and offers delicious meals. They serve freshly baked goods as well as finger foods. 

  1. Rotana Café

Located on South Richmond Street, Portobello, Dublin 2, the casual cafe offers free corkage once you have ordered two courses. Their menu offers a variety of Lebanese platters.

  1. Fayrouz Restaurant

At Cork St, The Liberties, Dublin, fayrouz restaurant permits free corkage for tables less than six. Their menu includes the best local meals from the Middle East, shawarma, and vegetarian meals. 

  1. Damascus Gate 

This Lebanese meal spot at Camden Street, Dublin 2, has an interesting menu including grills, specials, vegan choices, and dishes like Munazaleh and Kofta Be’laban. There are no corkage fees although their policy permits only wine. This restaurant is known to have belly dancers on specific days.

BYOB Restaurants with corkage fees

Certain restaurants that offer BYOB with corkage charges include:

  1. Dada Restaurant

This vegan-friendly restaurant with tasty dishes influenced by Morocco spices and culture is situated at South William Street, Dublin 2. Their BYOB is not limited to certain days of the week.

  1. Eatokyo Noodles and Sushi Bar

This cosy spot at Wellington Quay, Temple bar provides excellent service. They have Japanese dishes, vegan meals, and affordable corkage fees available to their visitors.

  1. Zakura Japanese Restaurant 

Zakura serves fresh dishes including noodles and sushi. Customers are allowed to bring their own bottles with €8 charged for a bottle of wine and €1 for a beer. 

  1. Michie Sushi

This restaurant is known for its fresh and authentic sushi. They also have other Japanese meals such as okonomiyaki and ramen at more than one location in Dublin.

BYOB Pizzeria 

  1. Basil Pizza

The dinky pizza restaurant is located at Ringsend Rd, Dublin 4. With its BYOB policy, you can eat at the pizzeria if you have a craving for pizzas prepared over wood fire and your own choice of toppings whether as a vegetarian or meat lover.

Fancy BYOB Restaurant for fine dining 

  1. Hawksmoor Steakhouse Dublin

Though Hawksmoor might be considered pricey, dining here is worth it. On Mondays, anyone can BYOB at a lesser price than the rest of the week at Hawksmoor, College Green, Dublin 2. Specific price details are available on their website. 

Other BYOB Restaurants

Serving wine in a wine glass
  1. The Doghouse and Blue’s Tea Rooms

This unusual restaurant is at Howth Dart Station, Howth, a town by the sea in Dublin. The charming cafe is dog-friendly and corkage fees are applied to wines and beers. The restaurant with seaside views offers a memorable experience.

  1. The Vintage Kitchen

One of the best Irish BYOB Restaurants in Dublin is located at Poolbeg Street, Dublin 2. They allow individuals to bring their wine at £6 per bottle only on Mondays and Tuesdays. Vinyls from music-loving customers are also allowed and played in the restaurant.

  1. Cafe Oasis

Cafe Oasis at Smithfield, Dublin 7, is a quaint restaurant offering the best Lebanese and Mediterranean meals including lamb, falafel, and soups. There are no corkage fees charged at this family-friendly BYOB Restaurant.

  1. Pho Kim

The popular Vietnamese restaurant has a Bring Your Own Beverage policy with corkage fees. They can be visited at Parnell Street, Rotunda Dublin 1. Their menu includes mouthwatering dishes and vegetarian options.

  1. M&L Chinese Restaurant 

Corkage fees apply at M&L. Situated at Cathedral Street in Dublin, the Chinese restaurant also serves seafood and is known for its Sichuan cuisine, a popular traditional food style from China. 

At these Bring Your Own Booze Restaurants in Dublin, you have the option to enjoy your preferred drink, whether it be wine or beer, and take along with you special glasses for a fancy touch. Whether you’re with friends or coworkers, exploring one of these friendly spots in Dublin where you can bring your own drinks is a great and affordable way to have fun. 

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