10 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin 2024


St. Patrick's Day in Dublin

The theme for this year’s St. Patrick’s festival is Spréach, an Irish word that means spark. Selected to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, it is meant to portray the individuality of Irish people. 

St. Paddy’s Day, a national holiday in Ireland, is a day that recognises St. Patrick. He is known to be the patron that brought about Christianity in Ireland. To guarantee a memorable and exciting experience on Paddy’s Day, here are 10 suggestions on how best to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.

Get Decked in Green for The Occasion 

Dressed in Green for St Patrick's Day in Dublin

Before you head out onto the streets of Dublin on Paddy’s Day, you can get creative with your outfit. As green is the official colour for the day, you can wear a green fit or pin a shamrock to your outfit. The shamrock is famous as a national symbol. It is said that St. Patrick used this clover leaf to explain the Trinity.

Witness St. Patrick’s parade 

Attend a St Patrick's Day Parade

Tourists and Ireland residents anticipate the National St. Patrick’s parade expecting to see the city and its major landmarks clothed in green, colourful performances from the dancers and bands with magnificent floats on the streets of Dublin. With over 4000 individuals participating in this parade, join in the street festivities and express your enthusiasm for the rich Irish culture with others in the community. The parade commences at Parnel Street at noon and will come to an end on Kevin Street. Be sure to confirm the detailed parade route and grandstands across the city, as this is one of the most anticipated parts of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.

Grab a Bite of Traditional Cuisine 

Enjoy Irish Cuisine on St Patrick's Day

Local Irish meals like Irish stew, Boxty, coddle, colcannon, bacon, and cabbage can be explored on St. Paddy’s Day. You can break the day by checking out a restaurant that offers Irish cuisine or wrap up your night with a flavourful Irish dinner.

Show Up at St. Patrick’s Festival Quarter 

Enjoy St Patrick's Festival

This major festival that will run from March 16th to 17th, 2024 is one way to mark St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. The festival quarters will be at the National Museum of Ireland, Collin Barracks, lasting from day till night. There will be entertaining activities for families to enjoy during the day, from face painting to funfairs and then parties and music from the popular artists in Ireland at night, which is open to adults only.

Attend St. Patrick’s Mass

Attend mass on St Patrick's Day

In remembrance of the history behind St. Patrick’s Day, you can attend mass. This celebration of Ireland’s patron, St. Patrick is on his death anniversary. The mass would take place at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin. This cathedral is said to be the place where St. Patrick baptized the Christian converts. 

Drink and dance to cultural Irish music

Nightlife in Dublin

At any pub of your choice, you get to toast to Paddy’s Day, soak in lively traditional Irish music or dance to the perfect tunes with other energetic locals. Visiting the best pubs for a green pint, their storytelling and live music sessions is a terrific way to end your evening.

Check Out Historical Sites 

Historic Events

From national museums to the National Gallery and Dublin Castle, you can check out these historic places if you have an interest in learning more about Irish history and culture. To know more about Ireland’s folk stories and myths, the National Leprechaun Museum should be visited. 

Explore Temple Bar’s Scene 

Temple Bar in Dublin

This area is going to be one of the busiest and most crowded on St Paddy’s Day, as it is on most tourists’ to-go lists. Filled with fun and festive activities, the Temple bar is a place worth going to on Paddy’s Day and among the best places to visit in Dublin on any day.

Embrace Nature 

Embrace Nature on St Patrick's Day

For those who want a serene environment to escape the busy and vibrant streets, you can go hiking in Dublin’s mountains or cycle around the coast. You are sure to love the scenic views and get stunning pictures.

Go shopping 

GO Shopping on St Patrick's Day

2023 had a food market for St. Patrick’s Day, you can either explore a food market where a variety of meals are displayed and cooking demonstrations can be observed or go shopping for fun items to remember the day by.

Any choice you make to mark St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin with these recommendations would create a lasting memory that you would love. 

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