Vhi women’s mini marathon 2024: what you need to know before race day


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Over 20,000 participants are anticipated for the 10km run or walk in this Sunday’s Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, which returns to Dublin’s streets.

In its 42nd year, the competition attracts thousands of competitors and spectators, with many of them raising millions of euros for different charities in preparation for the big day.

Here is all the information you need to know before the race starts on Sunday, whether you plan to participate in the 10 km loop around Dublin City or are just there to support someone else.

What time and location is the event happening at?

On June 2, 2024, at 12.30 p.m., the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon will take place. Starting at Fitzwilliam Place in Dublin 2, the 10-kilometer race will conclude on Lower Baggot Street in the same city.

Five distinct entry points designate various time waves.Based on their estimated finishing times—which are color-coded to indicate how quickly each participant plans to finish the 10 km race—entrants will be grouped into waves.

The elite group will start the race first, then runners, joggers, fast joggers, and walkers.

The 2024 event is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. By 12 p.m., you ought to be in your appropriate wave as you will be sent to the back of the race if you arrive late.

If you ought to leave your bags, every one of the five entry routes has a place to drop off bags, and they open at 10.30 am. In addition to stating that personal items are left at the owner’s own risk, the organizers ask attendees to bring a clear, reusable bag for their belongings.

The entrance point on Fitzwilliam Square will be followed by the white and pink wave bag drop. The entrance point on Baggot Street will be followed by the blue wave bag drop. Whereas the yellow wave bag drop will occur after the entrance on Mount Street Upper, the green wave bag drop will occur after the Merrion Square West entrance point.

You can find the course route on the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon website or by clicking this link.

Will the course have access to water?

There will be water stations at the beginning and end of the race. If you think you might need more water, you can carry a bottle with you. Please use one of the provided bins to dispose of your bottle.

Water stations will also be located at the 3 km, 6 km, and 8 km markers along the course.

You can also compete with a group but make sure you enter the wave you wish to be in when choosing to be in it. Keep in mind that you can’t move up waves, but you can join your friends by moving down waves.

Are the runners going to have pacers?

For runners aiming for 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60 minutes, pacers will be available. The Blue, Green, and Yellow waves will also have wave leaders to help and motivate you. Each wave leader and pacer will have a large three-foot balloon attached to make them easy to identify.

Moreover, the entire 10km course will have spectators lining the railings, with the start and finish lines drawing the most attention. There isn’t a designated area for supporters to stand; just make sure that the person you are supporting can see and hear you wherever you are on the route!

What should I think about before I play?

It is advised that you speak with your doctor before starting the challenge to make sure you are healthy enough to participate and that there is no risk to your health.

There is also accessible parking available, but there will be restricted parking for cars around the city center. This is the map that shows the locations of accessible parking spots.

However, if you intend to travel the route by Dublin Bus, make sure to check the website for any potential detours caused by closed roads.

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