Johnny Sexton’s career: Reflecting on his toughest rivals, with Paul O’Connell standing out


Johnny Sexton says I am delighted to let you know that I have written my autobiography which will be published in October. via, tags: toughest rivals - CC

Reflecting on his encounters with formidable adversaries, Sexton specifically singled out rugby legends Richie McCaw and Paul O’Connell as the most formidable opponents he encountered on the pitch. He eloquently praised their unwavering determination, acknowledging the monumental challenge of prevailing against their imposing presence during matches.

Sharing his perspective, Sexton remarked, “Richie McCaw or Paul O’Connell. They were simply indomitable and relentless. It was a Herculean task to emerge victorious against them on the field.”

In stark contrast, when invited to reflect on his most esteemed teammates, Sexton offered heartfelt tributes to the invaluable contributions of Felipe Contepomi, Paul O’Connell  and Brian O’Driscoll. He celebrated their individual brilliance and the profound bonds of camaraderie they cultivated within the team, emphasizing the significance of their collective efforts in achieving success on and off the field.

Sexton’s Rugby Reflections and Transition

Expounding on his profound admiration for his esteemed teammates, Sexton elaborated, “Paul O’Connell, Felipe Contepomi, and Brian O’Driscoll. Each brought their own exceptional talents to the table, contributing to our success in diverse and invaluable ways.”

Amidst the dynamic exchange of the Q&A session, Sexton offered captivating insights into his formative years in rugby, fondly recalling the influence of childhood idols such as Stephen Larkham and Jonny Wilkinson. Furthermore, he shed light on how Contepomi, with his exemplary professionalism, garnered his admiration over the course of his professional career.

Reflecting on his sporting journey, he disclosed, “Stephen Larkham, Jonny Wilkinson, and in considerably later years, Felipe Contepomi.”

Since bidding adieu to the rugby field, Sexton has embarked on a new chapter, drawing upon the knowledge and skills he acquired during his academic pursuits. Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University College Dublin, earned in 2012, he has transitioned seamlessly into the corporate realm.

A significant shift from Sports to Commerce

Embracing this shift from athletics to commerce, Sexton has taken on the role of commercial manager for a distinguished glass and metal enterprise. In this capacity, he exemplifies his versatility and resilience, showcasing his ability to thrive beyond the confines of sports and excel in diverse arenas.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, Ardagh Group is a global leader in the provision of recyclable metal and glass packaging solutions.

This mammoth enterprise boasts an extensive workforce of 20,000 individuals spread across 63 operational facilities, achieving remarkable sales figures surpassing £7 billion.

In addition to his illustrious rugby career, Sexton has carved a successful path as a business owner. He is the proprietor of JAS Management and Promotions Ltd, a management company that has exhibited substantial growth in recent years. In 2021, the company reported profits exceeding £300,000, a figure that soared to an astounding £2.4 million the following year.

Sexton Set to Unveil Memoir

Simultaneously, as a devoted father of three, Sexton is set to unveil his memoir, ‘Obsessed’, offering readers an intimate glimpse into his journey both on and off the rugby field. Scheduled for release on October 10, this autobiography promises to provide fans with an in-depth exploration of Sexton’s extensive career and personal experiences.

Excitedly sharing the news on Instagram, Sexton expressed his delight, stating, “I am thrilled to announce the forthcoming publication of my autobiography, offering readers a comprehensive insight into my life and career. ‘Obsessed’ will be available starting October, and I cannot wait for you all to dive into its pages.”

“I’ve endeavored to craft a candid portrayal of my career journey, and I sincerely hope it resonates with you as readers. For those eager to secure a copy in advance, you can pre-order yours by clicking the link provided in my bio. Your support means the world to me, and I’m truly excited for you to delve into the pages of Obsessed.”

Beyond his prowess as a player, Sexton’s leadership qualities and determination have earned him admiration both from teammates and opponents alike, solidifying his status as one of rugby’s most respected figures.

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