Heart-wrenching Dublin Victory as Antrim Goalkeeper’s Blunder Gifts Points in Stoppage Time


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On Sunday at Corrigan Park, Dublin snatched an excruciating triumph as a result of a blunder by Antrim’s Tiernan Smyth in the last moments of the game. Just as it appeared that Antrim would have his ideal Sunday in sunny Corrigan Park, tragedy struck once more.

With the score level and time running out, Seán Gallagher of Dublin attempted to score a point that was blocked by Smyth, but he failed to gather the rebound cleanly. Goalkeeper Tiernan Smyth made a mistake in stoppage time, allowing the ball to cross his own line and lead to a crucial Dublin goal. This caused agony for Antrim.

Dublin Claims Narrow Victory over Antrim

Smyth, who had played a near-flawless game, and his teammates, who had come on after a sluggish start to emerge as the superior team in the second half, were treated cruelly. However, as this Antrim squad has discovered several times in the past few years, sport isn’t good for sentiment at this level, and they were devastated.

Sean Gallagher’s late goal allowed Dublin to steal a close victory in Belfast, 1-20 to 1-19. The ball trickled over the goal line, awarding Dublin the winning score.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Antrim had been the superior team throughout the second half and held a narrow lead before this regrettable mistake. The first half saw both teams exchange points with ease, with Dublin taking advantage of the breeze to lead 0-13 to 1-8 at halftime.

The second half was dominated by Antrim, who edged ahead for the first time but couldn’t hold on to their lead.

The opening minutes were controlled by Dublin, with Colin Currie registering the first point from a free. Antrim responded with points from Conal Cunning before Niall McKenna scored their only goal of the game in an impressive solo effort.

Dublin bounced back with three quick points, but Antrim’s response was just as swift, with Ryan McGarry setting up Cunning for another goal that put them ahead at 1-12 to 0-16. Cunning continued his impressive form in the second half, adding further points from play and frees, while Antrim’s other scorers included Scott Walsh and debutant Joseph McLaughlin.

Dublin struggled to keep up with their opponents but managed to level the score before McCurry and McLaughlin put Antrim back in front. The Dubs fought back once more, with Gallagher’s late point setting the stage for Smyth’s heartbreaking error.

At Corrigan Park, goalie Tiernan Smyth’s mistake in dealing with a shot from Seán Gallagher proved to be catastrophic. In the end, this mistake decided the winning team.

Antrim scored: T Smyth, S Rooney, R McCloskey, and P Burke (0-1 each); C Boyd, R McGarry, and S Walsh contributed 0-2 points each; E Campbell earned a point. N O’Connor, R McMullan, A O’Brien, and N McKenna all made it to the scoreboard with one point apiece. The outstanding performer of the match was C Cunning, who notched up an impressive 1-10 points tally for Antrim.

Dublin’s starting fifteen: R Smith scoring once, P Smyth, J Bellew, D Power, C Donohoe with a single point, D Gray, C Burke netting two goals, B Hayes contributing three points, F Whitely and C Currie each with two points and two frees, respectively, D Ó Dúlaing scoring once, and O’Sullivan totalling five points, three from frees. In the team’s roster update, four new players were introduced. These included D Purcell, S Gallagher, L Murphy, and J Malone.

Referee: C Flynn (Westmeath)

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