Dublin winning vs Meath for a semi-final spot in Leinster U20 football championship


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In an exciting Leinster U20 Football Championship encounter, Dublin edged past Meath to secure their place in the semi-finals, winning with a final score of 3-19 to 0-12.

In the All-Ireland championship match at Croke Park, Paul Mannion’s performance was pivotal to Dublin overcoming Meath.

In the Leinster U20 FC, Dublin and Meath were set to face off as two formidable teams that had previously triumphed against Westmeath. The victor of this highly anticipated match would claim the position of table-toppers and secure a place in the semi-finals.

Meath was looking good in the opening quarter. Darragh Campion and Ronan Jones went for an early lead.

Cirian Kilkenny pointed for Dublin in the 14th minute. Matthew Costelo responded for Meath and the first quarter ended with 0-3 each.

Sean Bugler and Paul Mannion made it 1-5 to 0-3, in favor of Dublin. Ciaran Caulfield and O’Callaghan traded points while Dublin maintained their six-point cushion, 1-13 to 0-10.

Despite having only a narrow lead against Meath at halftime, Dublin found themselves in a fortunate position due to their opponents’ unfortunate eight missed chances during the first half, which they would eventually rue.

Eoghan Frayne tried to recover for Meath but the fight has gone out of them by the 59th minute.

As time was running out in this closely contested Leinster U20 Football match, Paul Mannion and Paddy Small stepped up for Dublin, scoring vital points that secured their hard-earned victory against Meath and guaranteed their place in the next round.

In the closing 14 minutes, Dublin outscored Meath by 2-3 to 0-1 – a true mark of champions.

In Other Games

Securing a spot in the upcoming semi-finals, Kildare emerged victorious against Louth in Group 1 with a convincing 2-6 to 0-11 victory.

In a dominant display of attacking football, Kildare took control of their U20 Football Championship match against Louth with two well-executed goals from Sam Savage and Oisín Grufferty in the first half, giving them a commanding 2-4 to 0-2 lead at halftime.

In the second half of the encounter between Louth and Kildare, Louth made a strong push to overturn the deficit, however their efforts came up short, leading them to face Wicklow in the quarter-finals instead of advancing to the semi-finals.

In an intense Leinster U20 match between Longford and Offaly, Longford managed to secure a hard-fought victory over their rivals with a final score of 0-10 to 0-9. Regrettably for both teams, their success in this encounter was not enough to prevent them from being relegated to the “B” Championship.

At Blessington, the highly anticipated clash between Wicklow and Laois in Group 2 of the Leinster U20 Football Championship saw both teams determined to secure the top position. The opening half was marked by a series of thrilling exchanges as each side showcased their formidable skills and unblemished records. It was Laois who ultimately triumphed with a decisive victory of 2-12 to 0-6.

In an electrifying display of goal-scoring, Cillian Maher and Cathal Lee each found the back of the net for Laois against Wicklow, contributing significantly to their commanding lead. With one goal apiece in different halves, these players demonstrated their clinical finishing abilities, allowing Laois to hold onto their advantage until the end of the game.

With their place in the next round assured, Laois gears up for a rematch against Wicklow in the semi-finals for Leinster U20 Football Championship, where the intensity and importance of the game will be amplified.

The semi-final stage of Leinster U20 presents an exciting opportunity for Dublin and Kildare, as they both aim to prove their dominance and secure the coveted title.

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