Dublin Marathon to keep city centre course in 2024


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Dublin city centre will remain both the starting point and finish line for the Irish Life Dublin Marathon in 2024. The decision follows discussions between the marathon organizers, Dublin City Council, and the National Transport Authority regarding traffic disruption caused by the event. Last year, there were worries about how the marathon would affect traffic in the city centre, prompting discussions about possibly relocating the race’s start and end locations to the outskirts.

As per confirmation from race director Jim Aughney, the Dublin Marathon will kick off at Leeson Street Lower and wind up at Mount Street Upper for its conclusion. With this decision, the marathon’s course will stay the same, preserving consistency and familiarity for participants.

In a statement, Mr Aughney said, “We are thrilled to confirm that the Irish Life Dublin Marathon will be on the streets of Dublin’s city centre.”

We have worked closely with Dublin City Council on finalizing the start and finish location. We are grateful for their support and look forward to making this event a success

Jim Aughney

Richard Shakespeare, the newly appointed CEO of Dublin City Council, also expressed his support for keeping the event in the city centre. He highlighted the close collaboration between the local authority and the event organizers, resulting in a well-rounded plan that accommodates everyone’s needs.

The annual marathon transforms the city every October bank holiday weekend, as throngs of runners and watchers converge for the event.

Changes in entry transfers

In 2023, approximately 6,000 running entries went unused despite paying the entry fee of €110. This was significantly higher than the expected attrition rate of up to 20 percent for major city marathons.

The organizers of the race have extended the opportunity to transfer entries past the original deadline and offered a refund feature for participants. Slots for participants can be bought and sold from July 24th to August 26th, but refunds must be requested before July 16th. The refund window opening on July 22nd will be the determining factor for the order in which places are resold.

Last year’s marathon had a sellout entry of 22,500, with only 16,540 runners making it to the start line and 16,347 listed as official finishers.

The Dublin Marathon introduced a non-binary category in 2023, which consisted of only three individuals, but this has undergone impressive expansion in 2024 with twenty-one participants. Furthermore, recognition is now given to the top three placements, and the first-place finisher is awarded a €150 prize. Both winners, one in the male category and the other in the female, will earn get €15,000.

“Maybe over time if it grows then you can grow the prize fund accordingly,” Aughney said. “The number of non-binary who’ve entered is up massively so it certainly is appealing to people and people said they entered because they finally were being recognized. It’s nice to hear that.”

The anticipated marathon course for Dublin in 2024 is likely to mirror that of the previous year, with an official release pending the required authorizations from the pertinent regulatory agencies. The 2023 Irish Life Dublin Marathon commenced with the presence of an immense crowd in Fitzwilliam Square.

The marathon is an essential annual occasion in Dublin, which gathers large numbers of runners and viewers in the city. Dublin City Council and organizers have developed a comprehensive plan to manage traffic disruptions during the race, ensuring minimal impact on local residents and businesses.

This year’s Irish Life Dublin Marathon is an eagerly awaited event that is sure to evoke a sense of pride and enthusiasm among runners and spectators alike. As a significant part of Ireland’s rich sporting history, the race holds a special place in the hearts of many. By keeping the marathon in the city centre, organizers uphold its traditional course, offering participants a familiar route that adds to their sense of connection and comfort with the event.

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