A warm Dublin welcome awaits 30,000 Europa League Final fans


30,000 Europa League Fans Gear Up for Dublin Airport Welcome, Concept art for illustrative purpose - Monok

Dublin Airport is gearing up to welcome approximately 30,000 football fans in anticipation of the Europa League Final. Roughly 20,000 supporters are expected from finalist teams Atalanta and Bayer Leverkusen, with an additional 10,000 attendees hailing from over twenty different countries.

“This is a very exciting week for Dublin Airport as we welcome football fans from all over the world to Ireland for one of the world’s biggest football matches,” Gary McLean, Managing Director of Dublin Airport, stated.

According to him, hosting significant matches such as this one contributes to elevating Ireland’s prominence, and the Dublin Airport team takes pride in its pivotal role in accommodating the arrival and departure of up to 30,000 fans.

Enhancing traveller experience at Dublin Airport

Efforts are underway at Dublin Airport to elevate the traveller experience, with initiatives to ensure seamless navigation and convenience for all visitors.

The presence of a dedicated workforce

Dublin Airport plans to deploy a sufficient number of personnel across both terminals, poised to assist travellers throughout their airport journey.  These capable professionals will offer guidance and support to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for all passengers.

Free transport from Dublin Airport to the city centre

Besides on-ground assistance, fans of both teams will enjoy complimentary transportation from the airport to the heart of the city, ensuring stress-free and efficient travel. Dedicated fan areas within the airport will serve as the departure point for this complimentary service.

Heightened security measures

In the interest of public safety, heightened security measures will be implemented throughout the airport during the Europa League Final weekend. These measures will include increased patrols, thorough checks, and enhanced surveillance.

Collaboration with local authorities

In coordination with municipal agencies, airport authorities are gearing up for the anticipated surge of supporters by establishing essential security protocols to facilitate a seamless experience during the event.

Simultaneously, the Gardaí are orchestrating an extensive security plan to prevent disruptions throughout the Europa League Final. This plan encompasses the implementation of street closures and modifications to the public transportation system to manage the expected influx of attendees efficiently.

Fan zones at the airport

Dublin Airport will set up spacious fan zones within each terminal to cater to the attendees. These areas will offer fans a welcoming environment where they can relax, socialize, and enjoy various activities before embarking on their journey to the city centre.

Commitment to sustainability

As part of the comprehensive preparations for the Europa League Final, Dublin Airport has incorporated a series of environmentally conscious measures. These include a commitment to ensuring that a significant portion of the energy utilized during the event weekend is derived from renewable sources.

Moreover, the airport has established an event management system that prioritizes sustainability. These initiatives are a testament to the airport authorities’ ongoing efforts to uphold its environmental responsibilities during major events.

The economic impact of Europa League Final in Dublin

Hosting the Europa League Final in Dublin not only highlights the city’s adeptness at managing significant events but also generates substantial economic benefits. The anticipated surge in international tourists attending the final is poised to invigorate various sectors of the local economy, positioning Dublin as an attractive destination for significant sporting spectacles.

In tandem, Dublin Airport plays an integral role in maximizing these economic gains. By actively promoting local businesses and urging Europa League Final attendees to explore the city’s diverse shops and retailers, the airport fosters a symbiotic relationship between tourism and commerce.

This concerted effort not only channels additional revenue into the local economy but also enhances the overall experience of fans as they immerse themselves in Dublin’s vibrant community during their stay.

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