Transforming lives: “Mending the Cracks” campaign by Dublin Samaritans and TBWADublin


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The Dublin Samaritans, in partnership with TBWADublin, have unveiled an impactful campaign titled “Mending the Cracks,” which emphasizes the significance of communication and empathy, drawing inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi.

Kintsugi, or “golden joinery,” is a centuries-old practice that breathes new life into damaged ceramics by repairing them with lacquer and gold, transforming imperfections into intricate designs.

Likewise, our lives can be fragile, subjected to unforeseen challenges and setbacks that may leave us feeling shattered.

Yet, the power of speaking and being heard can help mend the cracks in our lives, much like Kintsugi does for ceramics.

TBWADublin identified this parallel between Kintsugi and the vital role played by Dublin Samaritans in supporting individuals during their darkest moments.

In the same way that Kintsugi makes broken ceramics more beautiful, conversations can help heal the fractures in our lives.

The Concept in Real Life

Daragh Fleming’s likeness by artist Joe Caslin is represented in a painting on a wall at Montague Lane.

The wall, which had pre-existing cracks, served as an ideal canvas for this visual metaphor.

Over the span of seven days, the damaged mural stood before them, signifying the complexities and hardships that are part of life.

However, after a week, the cracks were filled with gold, resulting in a stunning transformation that showcased resilience and renewed beauty.

Bolt, TBWADublin’s in-house production company, documented this journey through a captivating 60-second video.

Daragh, the subject of the portrait and a past recipient of Dublin Samaritans’ services, wrote and recited a moving poem for the project.

Electronic music duo Bicep generously contributed their track to add emotional depth to the campaign.

Yvonne Caplice, Business Director at TBWADublin, shared her thoughts on addressing mental health struggles and eliminating associated stigmas.

Olwyn Greene, Dublin Samaritans’ Director of Awareness, expressed her admiration for the campaign and its powerful message of acceptance and transformation.

The cost-of-living crisis and global conflicts can take a toll on mental health, leaving many feeling isolated and helpless.

Twenty-two percent of the Irish population believe that asking for mental health support makes them appear weak (St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services, 2022), whereas only 6% would see it as a weakness if a friend seeks help.

It’s much needed, bringing attention and awareness to something that still has the residue of shame and stigma about it.

Joe Caslin

TBWADublin and Dublin Samaritans aim to challenge this discrepancy by encouraging open conversations about mental health and offering comfort to those who may be struggling.

The campaign extends beyond the mural, reaching audiences through social media, digital out-of-home advertisements, and radio spots.

The “Mending the Cracks” campaign offers a precious glimmer of hope to those navigating the complexities of life, emphasizing the profound impact that open dialogue and compassionate listening can have on the healing process and the restoration of beauty and strength in even the most fragile moments.

Embracing vulnerability and imperfection, Dublin Samaritans and TBWADublin’s “Mending the Cracks” campaign invites each individual on a journey towards self-discovery and renewed connection through the transformative power of open dialogue.

Through fostering a culture that embraces empathy and encourages open dialogue, we can “mend the cracks” in our lives and those of others, ultimately leading to profound healing and transformation.

As we continue to face uncertainties and challenges, let us remember that even in our most fragile moments, there is beauty to be found and strength to be gained.

We all have been broken along the way – some of us experience it for longer, some of us experience it deeper, and some of us are broken right now

Yvonne Caplice

In unison, we can foster an inclusive environment that champions the importance of addressing mental health concerns and eliminates the stigma surrounding it. By celebrating those who seek help and encouraging open conversations, we can collectively mend the cracks in our own lives and those around us, ultimately leading to a world where mental well-being is prioritized and cherished.

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