Young girl’s coat saves her during dramatic storm rescue in Dublin


7-Year-Old Girl's Coat Saves Her During Dramatic Storm Rescue in Dublin, Concept art for illustrative purpose - Monok

The harrowing incident occurred around 8.20 p.m. on Saturday when the seven-year-old was swept into the sea from the Dun Laoghaire Harbour’s east pier. Witnesses reported that the pier’s slippery surface might have contributed to the girl’s fall into the water, but the cause remains unclear.

Despite the dangerous conditions brought by Storm Kathleen, members of the public and emergency services acted swiftly to save her. In an interview with RTÉ, Luke Nolan, a local resident who attempted to help, described the scene as chaotic and challenging for rescuers.

According to him, “It was extremely wild, the wind was crazy, and the waves just kept coming and coming.”

Due to the stormy conditions, the RNLI crew, Coast Guard members, and Gardaí struggled to reach the girl. However, RNLI volunteer Andrew Sykes bravely jumped into the water to save her, pulling her from the sea within minutes of his arrival. Sykes explained that the air pockets trapped under the girl’s coat were essential in keeping her afloat before being rescued.

After being treated for her injuries at the hospital, the young girl was reported to have non-life-threatening conditions.

In an interview with PA, Sykes spoke about the challenges faced during the rescue operation and how the girl’s calmness played a role in their success. Dún Laoghaire Coast Guard released a statement commending the emergency services involved and emphasizing water safety.

With the high winds and storm we were experiencing, with large waves and surge coming off the pier, to get alongside her was extremely difficult

Andrew Sykes

Amidst the tumultuous and hazardous conditions brought about by Storm Kathleen, the public was urged to stay away from coastal areas due to the imminent danger posed by the storm. The incident at the east pier occurred during these warnings, resulting in power outages and extensive damage to infrastructure throughout the country.

Courageous feat met with gratitude

RNLI lifeboat operations manager Ed Totterdell commended his team for their quick thinking and courageous actions in rescuing the young girl from the treacherous waters, ultimately saving her life.

“It showed the talent of the crew on board that they were able to do it, they were ready for it,” he commented.

The commendable bravery displayed by the rescuers in saving the young girl was met with profound admiration and gratitude from Dublin’s community and political representatives alike. TDs across the political spectrum lauded the selfless actions of the emergency services, expressing their deep appreciation for the risks they took to save a life in unsafe conditions.

In an intricate coordination effort, the Gardaí worked hand-in-hand with emergency services to ensure the girl’s safety and well-being throughout the rescue mission. Their unwavering support proved instrumental in the operation’s successful outcome.

Heroic efforts made tonight by our emergency responders in Dun Laoghaire — thank you and I hope that the young girl is recovering well.

Cormac Devlin

The incident lasted roughly half an hour, during which time the public and emergency services worked tirelessly to save the young girl from the stormy waters. Witnesses present said the scene was frenzied and scary for those involved in the rescue efforts but were ultimately grateful for the heroic actions taken by all parties involved.

The Coast Guard’s Rescue 116 helicopter was an indispensable asset during the rescue mission. It offered a bird’ s-eye view of the scene below and delivered invaluable support to the emergency services on the ground.

The RNLI commended the exceptional teamwork and coordination among all emergency services involved in the rescue operation, emphasizing that such unity is crucial for overcoming challenges and saving lives in dangerous conditions. The incident involving the seven-year-old girl being rescued from the sea during Storm Kathleen underscores the significance of following water safety regulations and taking heed of warnings when faced with hazardous conditions.

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