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cycling in dublin

Ireland is blessed with many long-stretched roads having aesthetic landmarks and side attractions. This sets the tone for a lot of interesting cycle routes in Dublin, Ireland’s biggest city.

Knowing exactly which cycle route meets your specific needs will save you the trouble of trying out places that won’t. Some routes allow you to see the city in all its glory, some routes have a really long distance, and some others are serene routes that offer peace, quiet, and nature. Here are 5 top cycle routes in Dublin each meeting various needs of a cyclist.

1. Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park

The first cycle route on the list is a bit cliché as it’s a park. However, it’s not just any park, Phoenix Park is one the largest enclosed parks in Europe. Available within those walls are over 1,700 acres of level field for you to ride.

Phoenix Park isn’t just a plain green area. You are afforded great sightseeing of landmarks such as the Dublin Zoo, the popular Farmleigh house, and the Áras an Uachtaráin (The house of the president of Ireland). How’s that for a leisure ride? 

One added incentive for a ride in Phoenix Park is that you can stop and have a picnic or fun times with friends, you can also extend your ride by leaving the scene to nearby routes, as the park is also bordered by Dublin’s liquidity lifeline, River Liffey, and the Tolka River. However, once in a while, a crowd may disturb your ride in the park.

2. Clontarf to Howth Peninsula 

Clontarf to Howth Peninsula

A more cycle-oriented route is the cycleway from Clontarf to Howth. A long-distance trip with so many diversions and interesting stops. You can ride from Clontarf, move through the windy seaside by the Dublin Bay, head north up to Sutton, and end it just at the beginning of the Howth Peninsula, at a distance of about 30 km.

The initial route may have fewer side attractions but you pass by many people (a factor that could also become a disturbance) and most importantly, you have so many points to create your unique cycle route and mix up your journey. Take a ride today and you will discover the parts of the route that connect directly with your path.

3. Grand Canal

Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is a cycle route in Dublin’s suburbs, South Dublin to be precise. This is one of those routes where you enjoy nature’s beauty with a mix of Dublin’s community culture. By riding parallel to the Dodder River you have a long stretch of road to ride by. We suggest a moderate journey from the Grand Canal Dock to the Bushy Park of Rathfarnham, that way you get almost 10 km of cycling.

The route to Bushy Park is quite straightforward, your useful landmarks will be going through Ballsbridge and following the Dodder River. You get to pass through ambient areas such as Beaver Row, Milltown, and the local Dartry Park. You can always get into the city on your way back, there are lots of great spots and pubs close to the Aviva Stadium.

4. Dodder Greenway

Dodder Greenway

Here’s one cycle route that is away from the community and people. The route is not exactly within Dodder Greenway but passes across it. However, a distinct Dodder Greenway cycle route is under construction and is expected to be on lists like this very soon.

The route we’ll be discussing is a path that takes you from east to west across the southside suburbs. In what is more than 15 km, you only come across the main roads about twice. This is one of the peaceful ones if you are looking for solitude and just want to ride without having a reason to stop. You can also deviate into the Dodder route of the Grand Canal discussed above if you’re interested in seeing more people and more of the city.

5. Smithfield and Henrietta

Smithfield and Henrietta

This last one isn’t exactly here for cycling enjoyment. This is one of those routes you use as a tour of the city. This means you’re more concerned with the scenery than the athletic side of things. Here you pass through the inner-city, traversing streets like Camden Street, Smithfield, and Henrietta Street.

These are the rides you can do with your cameras and your wallets, cause there’s so much to take in and so much to buy!

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