Riverdance performs unique show on Dublin’s Samuel Beckett Bridge for cancer charity


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More than twenty Riverdance members put on an extraordinary performance on Dublin’s Samuel Beckett Bridge yesterday morning, marking the beginning of a 12-hour danceathon to raise funds for Childhood Cancer Ireland.

Riverdance, in making its annual charitable selection for the approaching season, has opted to align with Childhood Cancer Ireland.


As the clock approached 11am, onlookers were treated to a stunning display of gossamer blues and greens against the backdrop of the bridge, signaling the charitable partnership announcement.

Recovery redefined

Patricia McColgan, sister of Riverdance director John McColgan, underscored the importance of changing the way society views recovery and confinement: “Recovery doesn’t mean being static or bedridden. The goal of this partnership is to strengthen the resolve of young people and their loved ones during every phase of diagnosis, therapy, and recovery.”

Riverdance’s summer run starts today, culminating in a 12-hour “Riverdanceathon” in front of the Gaiety Theatre on June 20.

All proceeds from the event will go directly to Childhood Cancer Ireland and offer an opportunity for children and their loved ones to join the Riverdance troupe during the final performance.

A hopeful expression of Irishness

“It’s just wonderful. Riverdance is such a powerful, hopeful expression of Irishness. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our kids to be involved with this. Some of them have been through some very tough times and it’s a fantastic celebration for them to be centre stage,” says Patricia.

Anna Mai Fitzpatrick, principal dancer, shares her thoughts: “I think this partnership is going to touch a lot of people’s hearts. I think every single person can resonate with it somehow. Whether they’ve lost a loved one due to cancer or not, they will know someone who has unfortunately lost someone due to cancer.”


John McColgan, the director of Riverdance, has a son who was diagnosed with cancer as a child.

The danceathon is set to be an uplifting celebration of hope and resilience, bringing together the community in support of Childhood Cancer Ireland’s mission.

Riverdance’s ability to evoke emotions and inspire positivity makes it a fitting partner for such a cause.

We are representatives of Ireland here and overseas when we tour

Anna Mai Fitzpatrick

The danceathon will also serve as an opportunity to raise awareness about childhood cancer and its effects on families.

The event is expected to attract a large crowd, demonstrating the power of community and solidarity.

Childhood Cancer Ireland provides vital resources and support services for children with cancer and their families in Ireland.

Empowerment in unity

On June 23rd, Riverdance will present a show at Gaiety Theatre that offers a sensitively designed experience for individuals with unique requirements.

The shared values of empowerment and unity between Riverdance and Childhood Cancer Ireland create a strong foundation for their charitable partnership, as the organization’s mission aligns perfectly with the ethos of the Irish dance troupe.


In addition to their captivating performances during the summer run at the Gaiety Theatre, Riverdance is committed to making a significant impact off-stage by actively participating in fundraising efforts for Childhood Cancer Ireland beyond the danceathon.

Through their united efforts, Riverdance and Childhood Cancer Ireland are determined to create a meaningful difference for children dealing with cancer and their families within the Irish community.

Even when children are undergoing treatment, physical activity is beneficial. It’s great to make that connection

Patricia McColgan

The union of artistic prowess displayed by Riverdance and the collective strength of the community, embodied in Childhood Cancer Ireland, is an inspiring demonstration of how the arts can be harnessed as a catalyst for positive transformation and heightened consciousness regarding crucial issues.

“We’re very lucky to have people associate Riverdance with the wider music and culture of Ireland,” shares Anna Mai Fitzpatrick.

Riverdance shows will run at the Gaiety Theatre until September 8, 2024.

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