Lightning strike leaves passengers on Ryanair flight to Dublin terrified


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Individuals traveling on a recent Ryanair journey from Bulgaria to Dublin endured fear when their aircraft was struck by lightning amid a storm. The incident occurred after the plane took off from Sofia, heading towards Dublin, Ireland.

According to reports, the flight was initially delayed due to adverse weather conditions. However, only minutes into the journey, the plane encountered a severe storm and was struck by lightning, causing alarm among passengers.

“People were screaming, and there was a lot of turbulence. It was a really terrifying experience,” a source reported.

Consequently, the aircraft was forced to divert to Bucharest in Romania for safety reasons and for the plane to be serviced. Passengers were left stranded overnight in Bucharest before taking another flight to Dublin the following day.

Ryanair’s response

According to a statement from the airline, “The aircraft landed normally in Bucharest at 03:15 local, passengers disembarked, and the aircraft was taken for inspection by our engineers before being cleared to return to service later that morning.”

The statement further said that despite Ryanair’s attempts to organize accommodation and transport for passengers during aircraft servicing, the late hour meant there were few airport staff available. Passengers were advised they could arrange their accommodation and transport, and claim expenses through

The company acknowledged the occurrence of the event and expressed regret for any inconvenience it may have caused travelers.

“Ryanair sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused as a result of this weather-related diversion, which was beyond our control,” a spokesperson for the company stated.

It’s important to note that lightning strikes on aircraft are relatively common but typically do not pose a significant risk to those aboard. Nevertheless, this latest incident has understandably left many passengers shaken and concerned.

Passengers have taken to social media to share their experiences and express their relief at finally arriving in Dublin. While some reported feelings of anxiety during the flight, others were grateful for the crew’s professional handling of the situation.

Weather’s impact on air travel

This incident serves as a reminder that weather conditions can significantly impact air travel, leading to unexpected delays or diversions. For those planning future flights, it’s essential to be prepared and flexible in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Passengers are encouraged to follow their airline’s guidelines for handling weather-related disruptions. They are also advised to check their flight status on their website or app before traveling to the airport.

Ryanair has not disclosed the exact number of passengers affected by the incident, but the airline has reassured that all necessary steps were taken to ensure their safety and comfort. However, the airline has not yet disclosed any information about potential compensation for the affected passengers. Passengers can contact the company directly for more details regarding their cases and any potential compensation.

This latest incident comes as aviation continues to recover from the impact of the pandemic on the industry. Despite the challenges, airlines like Ryanair remain committed to providing safe and efficient travel options for passengers.

As the industry adapts to new challenges, incidents like this serve as reminders of the importance of safety protocols and contingency planning.

For passengers feeling uneasy about air travel during stormy weather or unexpected lightning strikes, it is crucial to communicate with their airline to understand the safety protocols and emergency response strategies in place.

Staying well-informed about flight schedules and possible interruptions is highly recommended. This can be done by regularly checking the airline’s website or contacting them directly for the latest updates.

In the evolving landscape of the aviation industry, prioritizing safety and flexibility is crucial for passengers when planning their travel itineraries.

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