Irish actor Eoin Duffy shares unforgettable experience at Cannes Film Festival


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Irish actor Eoin Duffy recently graced the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France, where he walked the red carpet for the premiere of The Apprentice. The actor plays the role of Tony Schwartz in the the film, a biopic about Donald Trump’s business rise in the ’70s and ’80s.

Duffy found himself among other Dublin celebrities and Hollywood stars like Cate Blanchett and Sebastian Stan, but it was his family’s reaction back home that stole the spotlight. The actor’s heart remained with his loved ones as they gathered to watch the red carpet event live from Dublin.

Duffy shared that his family was huddled around a live stream of the walk-in in Dublin, sharing a few beers and collectively cheering him on during the screening. Their warmth and support created a memorable and uplifting atmosphere for the Irish actor.

The Dublin celebrity recounted a heartwarming experience where he saw his two young nieces enthusiastically shouting “uncle Eoiny” at the screen. It was a delightful moment filled with joy for the celebrity, seeing the excitement it brought to the family and feeling a sense of pride.

He admitted he had vastly underestimated the intensity of Cannes, with its swanky atmosphere and thousands of spectators. Being taken aback was an understatement for him, particularly as he stood beside Sebastian Stan, who drew all the attention during photo opportunities.

“To be standing right bang in the middle of it was just very surreal,” Duffy stated.

Standout performances at Cannes

The Apprentice garnered significant attention and admiration at the Cannes Film Festival, resulting in a prolonged and enthusiastic standing ovation for the film and its cast. Despite facing challenges from Trump’s campaign team, the production managed to leave a lasting impression on the audience with its compelling narrative and exceptional performances.

The talent and skill exhibited by Jeremy Strong and Maria Bakalova in their respective roles in the movie left Duffy utterly captivated. He mentioned that their acting prowess was truly awe-inspiring and remarkable to witness. Strong brings to life the infamous lawyer Roy Cohn, while Bakalova portrays Ivana, the first wife of the former US president.

Despite being seated next to the famous Cate Blanchett during the screening, the actor maintains that he’s not easily awed by celebrities and values the fellowship with his Irish co-producers more.

Having previously taken the lead in Let The Wrong One In with Tailored Films, he acknowledges that it was the persuasive recommendation of Ali Abbasi, the esteemed director of The Apprentice, that secured him the role of Schwartz.

Duffy’s foray into showbusiness

Eoin Duffy’s life took an unforeseen turn towards acting during his tenure at Vancouver bars, where he was surrounded by the inspiring dedication of aspiring actors. Inspired by their infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment, he found himself captivated by the world of acting. This newfound fascination led him to enroll in a comprehensive four-week acting program, where he discovered an undeniable passion for the craft that would later shape his future.

The prestigious Cannes Film Festival marked a pinnacle moment in Eoin Duffy’s journey as an actor, showcasing the fruits of his labor, perseverance, and relentless dedication to his craft. With the premiere of The Apprentice, the Irish actor’s talent will be displayed to audiences around the world.

Having established a solid base in his hometown of Dublin and with continuous encouragement from the flourishing Irish film industry, the actor is prepared to make a significant mark in the glamorous world of Hollywood.

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