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During a recent visit to Dublin, American actor Henry Winkler found himself in an unexpected situation when the Shelbourne Hotel where he was staying had to be evacuated due to a fire. In an interview, the beloved Happy Days star, 78, expressed gratitude towards the Dublin Fire Brigade for their quick response and efficient handling of the incident.

Winkler explained that he initially thought the fire alarm was just a clock radio when it went off in his room. He then called the hotel reception to confirm and was instructed to evacuate immediately.

Quick response from Dublin Fire Brigade for shelbourne hotel evacuation

The Dublin Fire Brigade arrived on the scene within minutes, and the situation was soon under control. The fire was contained in one room and caused minimal damage to the historic hotel.

According to Dublin Fire Brigade spokesperson Colm Kershaw, the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. The fire brigade stated that all guests were safely evacuated from the hotel, and no injuries were reported.

“The crews got up there fairly quick and got water on it. We had the floor isolated, and we got it out fairly quick,” Kershaw stated.

Firemen are some of my favourite human beings – firemen and firewomen. They run in when other people are running out. I think their hands deserve to be shook

Henry Winkler

Winkler praised the bravery of the firefighters, stating that they were some of his favorite human beings for their selfless actions. He also shared a selfie with three firefighters on Twitter, expressing his appreciation and thanking them for their hard work.

Fans celebrate The Fonz in Dublin

Winkler arrived in Dublin to promote his new memoir, Being Henry: The Fonz and Beyond, but the unexpected event forced him to change his schedule. He was initially planning on attending a book signing at Eason’s store, but it had to be rescheduled.

The actor’s character, Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, first appeared on the hit US TV show Happy Days in 1974 as a minor character. However, due to his growing popularity, he was promoted to a lead role. Winkler continued to portray The Fonz until the show concluded in 1984.

The actor’s fans were delighted by the news of his involvement in the incident and took to social media to express their admiration for him. One user noted that Dublin felt cooler this week, attributing it not to the weather but to The Fonz being in town.

Some users found the situation ironic, recalling his iconic character who was known for his cool demeanor. Others were simply grateful for his positive attitude and appreciation for the Dublin Fire Brigade during a stressful situation.

Meanwhile, the Dublin Fire Brigade tweeted their appreciation for Winkler’s kind words, stating they are always glad to have his support.

Guests of the Shelbourne Hotel were offered alternative accommodations while the fire damage was being assessed. The hotel, which dates back to 1824, has a storied history and is known for its grandeur and elegance.

Winkler’s visit to Dublin marked his first time in Ireland, and he expressed his excitement about exploring the city further.

“It was an amazing adventure right here in Dublin. I cannot wait to see the rest of Dublin,” he commented.

Despite the initial scare, the actor remained upbeat throughout the ordeal, even taking time to speak with reporters and praise the firefighters.

The incident underscores the importance of having a well-equipped and responsive fire department in any community, as the Dublin Fire Brigade demonstrated. Their quick reaction and effective management of the situation ensured the safety of all guests and minimized damage to the historic hotel.

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