Dublin’s iconic Brian Boru pub honoured in Metrolink


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The historic Brian Boru pub, which stands on the edge of Phibsborough and Glasnevin, will be torn down to build the new Metrolink transport system.

Known for its rich history and connections to Irish legend Brian Boru, this iconic Dublin establishment has been a public house since the 19th century. The pub near the Royal Canal could now potentially have a MetroLink station named in its honour.

With over 1000 years of history, the Brian Boru pub is essential to Dublin and Irish culture.

The pub’s ties to Brian Boru date back to the Battle of Clontarf in 1014, where his army was believed to have camped before the battle. The pub, a family business since 1904, was featured in James Joyce’s novel “Ulysses”.

Proposed Renaming of Glasnevin Station

During a hearing for MetroLink’s expansion plans in Dublin, brothers Michael Hedigan and Peter pleaded to name the upcoming station near their pub after Brian Boru.

Aidan Foley, the head of TII’s project team, recognized the pub’s importance and was willing to consider the suggestion, stipulating that more talks were necessary.

Demolition of the pub is a significant and regrettable impact but is necessary in the context of the works.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (represented by Mr Foley)

Glasnevin Station, the most extensive and intricate stop on the Metrolink system, is a significant transfer point connecting Metrolink and Irish Rail trains.

As a critical component of Dublin’s transformative Metrolink project, the Glasnevin station is designed to serve as an essential interchange for multiple transportation lines. Upon completion, it will accommodate the Metrolink, Dart South West, and Dart West lines.

This central hub will facilitate seamless travel throughout Dublin, bridging the gap between various transportation networks and preserving the historical significance of the esteemed Brian Boru pub by bearing its name.

Construction Progress and Timeline

The Metrolink project’s extensive construction timeline reflects the scale of its ambition and the significant impact it aims to have on Dublin’s transportation infrastructure. Over nearly nine years and five months, the project will undergo various phases and stages involving meticulous planning, engineering, and construction efforts.

At the heart of this transformative initiative lies the Glasnevin station, poised to become a pivotal hub within Dublin’s evolving transportation network.

In a nod to Dublin’s rich heritage and cultural identity, the station will be named after the iconic Brian Boru pub, a beloved institution with deep-rooted historical significance. This symbolic gesture pays homage to the pub’s legacy and serves as a testament to its enduring impact on the local community.

By honouring the Brian Boru pub by naming the station, the Metrolink project seeks to preserve and celebrate Dublin’s vibrant history while ushering in a new era of modern, efficient transportation infrastructure. As construction progresses and the vision of the Metrolink begins to take shape, it promises to redefine the city’s transportation landscape and enhance connectivity for generations to come.

Commemorating the Brian Boru Pub

In addition to renaming Glasnevin Station as the Brian Boru station, TII plans to commemorate the pub’s legacy through various means.

It would be fitting that the station records the presence of the Brian Boru in some way

Mr Foley, Project Lead at TII

This could include installing plaques or informational displays at the station, providing insights into the pub’s history and significance within the community. Furthermore, TII may collaborate with local historians and cultural organizations to organize events or exhibitions highlighting the Brian Boru pub’s role in Dublin’s social fabric.

By incorporating these elements, TII aims to ensure that the memory of the beloved pub remains vibrant and cherished within the collective consciousness of Dubliners and visitors alike.

Metrolink Line Route and Stations

The Metrolink line’s route promises to enhance connectivity and accessibility across Dublin’s northern suburbs and city centre. As it traverses through neighbourhoods like Ballymun, Glasnevin, and O’Connell Street, it will provide commuters with efficient transportation options, reducing travel times and congestion. The culmination of its journey at Charlemont Street signifies a vital hub for transportation and further integration with existing public transit networks.

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