Dublin councillor seeks action on repeatedly removed bus stop in Raheny


Dublin Councillor Seeks Action on Repeatedly Removed Bus Stop in Raheny, Concept art for illustrative purpose - Monok

A Dublin City Councillor has raised concerns over a peculiar situation involving a bus stop in Raheny that has been repeatedly removed by an unknown individual.

Councillor Donna Cooney, representing the Green Party, has called for decisive action to resolve this issue and ensure the accessibility of public transportation for residents, particularly the elderly.

The saga began when Cooney received a complaint from a Raheny resident who expressed concern about the difficulties faced by older residents in accessing public transportation due to the recurring removal of a specific bus stop, the 4386 on Watermill Road, St Annes.

Despite not receiving any direct complaints about this particular bus stop, Cooney recognized the gravity of the situation and the potential impact on the community’s mobility.

Intrigued by the unusual nature of the incident, Cooney reached out to Dublin Bus to investigate the matter.

The response from the bus service revealed a perplexing revelation – the bus stop was being repeatedly removed by a local resident on a regular basis. While Dublin Bus is responsible for the operation of bus services, the National Transport Authority (NTA) holds ownership of the bus stops themselves.

Determined to address the issue, Cooney has written to the NTA, requesting the replacement of the bus stop and the installation of a tracker device within it. Drawing inspiration from the measures taken to prevent the removal of lifebuoys, Cooney suggested incorporating a tracker to identify the culprit behind this unauthorized relocation of public property.

Furthermore, Cooney has escalated the matter to the Raheny Garda Station, urging the superintendent to conduct a thorough investigation in collaboration with Dublin Bus.

She emphasized the seriousness of the situation, stating that the removal of a bus stop, a crucial component of Ireland’s transport infrastructure, cannot be tolerated and should be treated as a matter of public concern.

You can’t just go along removing the bus stop just because you don’t like it or whatever. You go through the proper authorities. If you have a concern, you get onto your public reps and ask them to move it.

Councillor Donna Cooney

While Cooney acknowledged that she often receives representations from residents regarding the accessibility and positioning of bus stops, particularly for wheelchair users, she described the current situation as “bizarre” and indicative of a complete disregard for the needs of the local community.

Whoever is doing this has absolutely no consideration for other people in the neighbourhood,” Cooney remarked. She also added:

If they have an issue about a bus stop, get on to your public rep. Bus stops can be moved a few metres, so it’s possible if someone had a particular concern about the actual location that it could be moved a few meters either side.

Councillor Donna Cooney

Cooney expressed bewilderment at the motivations behind the unauthorized removal of the bus stop, emphasizing the importance of following proper channels to address any concerns regarding public infrastructure.

She called for a comprehensive investigation to identify the perpetrator and ensure that public property is treated with respect and accountability.

As the councillor awaits the outcome of the investigations, she remains steadfast in her commitment to ensuring accessible public transportation for all residents, particularly those with mobility challenges.

The resolution of this peculiar situation will not only restore access to essential services but also serve as a reminder of the community’s collective responsibility to protect and maintain shared infrastructure for the greater good.


The removal of the bus stop in Raheny highlights the crucial role that maintaining our public transportation infrastructure plays in ensuring convenience and accessibility for all residents.

Councillor Cooney’s relentless advocacy for her constituents and her unwavering commitment to ensuring their needs are met, particularly with regard to public transportation infrastructure, is a shining example of dedication and leadership.

Residents are hopeful for an expeditious outcome to this situation, ensuring safety and the uninterrupted accessibility of bus stops in Raheny and throughout Dublin City.

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