Cillian Murphy makes history at the Oscars 2024


Cillian Murphy - Cillian Murphy at Berlinale 2024, Ausschnitt - CC BY-SA

Cillian Murphy receives the Best Actor award for his outstanding portrayal of Oppenheimer. This marks him as the first ever actor born in Ireland to achieve this prestigious honour.

The President of Ireland, along with artists, academics, and friends, honour the actor who dedicated his award to “peacemakers”.

The country of Ireland was once known for its tradition of begrudgery, where success was often belittled. However, Cillian Murphy’s victory at the Oscars has put an end to this legacy, as it brought the nation together in joy.

The success of the performer in Los Angeles sparked a flood of praises from various individuals, including Michael D Higgins, the president of Ireland, as well as government officials, artists, academics, commentators, and even childhood acquaintances, with no opposing voices.

Cillian Murphy, the star of Oppenheimer, received praise for his exceptional skill, elegance, and modesty when he became the first Irish actor to win the Academy Award for Best Actor without succumbing to any notions of grandeur.

Prior to the event, Murphy made a statement declaring that the footballer Roy Keane would forever be known as the most renowned citizen of Cork.

During his speech, Murphy acknowledged his heritage and honoured “peacemakers” as he accepted his award. He expressed his pride in being Irish and ended his speech with the Irish phrase for thank you very much: “Go raibh m ile maith agaibh.”

The genuine awe

Following Ireland’s defeat to England in the Six Nations rugby tournament and the controversy surrounding constitutional referendums, there was a much-needed positive moment when Irish production company Element Pictures won four Oscars for their work on “Poor Things“. The national mood, which had been soured by recent events, was lifted by this success.

The president extended his congratulations to Cillian Murphy for his remarkable accomplishment of winning the Best Actor Oscar. In a fitting gesture, Murphy dedicated his award to the peacemakers across the world.

According to Catherine Martin, the minister of arts and culture, being recognized as the pinnacle of an actor’s career is a proper acknowledgement of Cillian Murphy’s exceptional talent.

Additional praises came from various sources including Ireland’s ambassador to the US, Murphy’s alma mater, University College Cork, the lord mayor of Cork, and Screen Ireland, the agency responsible for promoting Irish films. This overwhelming display of pride highlights the actor’s remarkable journey from Cork to Hollywood.

According to Sean Lyons, who attended the same school as Murphy and is now the principal of Saint Anthony’s, the boys came in this morning with a noticeable spring in their step. Lyons, speaking to RTÉ, described the atmosphere as one of amazement and celebration for Murphy’s accomplishment.

There is a real awe and celebration of what this achievement is.

Sean Lyons

As a child, Murphy had a natural talent for English, was proficient in Irish, and had a flair for drawing. According to Lyons, he also enjoyed having a good time but remained down-to-earth.

The newspapers looked back on Murphy’s music beginnings, when he was part of a band known as Sons of Mr Green Genes, before transitioning to acting and gaining recognition for his role in Enda Walsh’s production of Disco Pigs, which centred around wild teenagers from Cork.

In an interview with the Irish Times, Cillian Murphy revealed that during his early days as an aspiring actor, he frequented the Dublin-based bookstore, Hodges Figgis. He shared that the bookstore had a café that offered 50p coffee, and they would refill it as many times as needed.

This allowed him to spend his days there, reading books since he did not have a job or a college degree. He considered this experience as his own form of education.

The actor went on to appear in various movies, such as portraying the antagonist Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan’s 2005 movie Batman Begins and starring as the main character in Ken Loach’s 2006 film The Wind That Shakes the Barley, which focuses on Ireland’s time of revolution.

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