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Dublin is known for its rich heritage, and for being a home to the greatest thrills in Ireland. This includes the famous upcoming St. Patrick’s Festival happening from the 15th of March till the 18th of March 2024. The nationwide holiday speaks to the heart of  Dubliners and the Irish people in general. 

In this season, they can fully express the depths of Irish culture while bonding with loved ones and creating memories. This article seeks to equip you with all you should know about the St. Patrick’s Festival in Dublin as you celebrate the special holidays.

The Origin of St. Patrick’s Festival

St. Patrick’s Festival is the official celebration of Ireland’s national holiday; St. Patrick’s Day. Dating far back as the 5th century, the Irish people set this day aside to commemorate the death of their patron saint, St. Patrick. This saint who is said to have brought Christianity to Ireland, and also known as their national apostle, was once a slave in the land brought in from Britain. After escaping to his homeland, he discovered Christ and shared the good news with the people of Ireland. This made him so revered among the people that the day of his death–March 17th was marked as a national and international celebration. 

Over the years, this special day has evolved to contemporarily become a host for Irish cultures and traditions. Now, the saint’s death is celebrated in many ways amid parades, dancing, special foods, music, drinking, and a splurge of Green.

What To Expect From St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Dublin

As much as the St. Patrick’s Day celebration has evolved, some key traditions have been preserved through the years. They include;

  • Increased sightings of the three leaves of the shamrock
  • Church services and masses
  • Irish food on display
  • Leprechauns having fun and “pinching”
  • Traditional Irish music

Location for St. Patrick’s Festival 2024

St. Patrick’s Festival, 2024 is set to be held in Dublin City, from the 16th to 17th of March, you are invited to the Festival Quarter at the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks in Dublin 7. This years celebration is under the theme- SPRÉACH. This theme, which is the Irish word for ‘spark’, was chosen to emphasize the uniqueness of Ireland and the Irish people.

Time and Schedule of Activities During St. Patrick’s Festival 2024

A 4-day event from the 15th to 18th of March, 2024, St. Patrick’s Festival in Dublin is laced with a list of activities spread out over the four days. The 15th is a holiday and can be used to prepare yourself for the celebrations. Here, bands will be playing live, traditional performances will be hosted, and Irish food and music will be displayed at their finest. All daytime events will be free of charge from 12 pm to 6 pm and will operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

The nationwide St. Patrick’s Day parade will be held by noon on Sunday,  the 17th of March at the Dublin city centre. The parade is organized to follow this route: It will run from Parnell Square in the north of the city, down O’Connell Street, over O’Connell Bridge, through the south side of the city, and ending at Cuffe St./Kevin St. junction.

What To Do During St. Patrick’s Festival 2024

2 Men enjoying St. Patrick's Day

To make the most of your experience at the St. Patrick’s Festival either as a Dubliner or a visitor, here are a few pointers.

  • Visit the official St. Patrick’s Festival site to get updated directions and guides 
  • On the day of the parade, ensure to attend with your refreshments as it spans for 2 hours.
  • Wear weather-friendly comfortable clothing and footwear to enjoy comfort through the activities.
  • Leave your pets at home if they are not trained to withstand noise and chaos.
  • The celebration holds a promise of colour, dance, and pure happiness. Be sure to capture memories!

The St. Patrick’s Festival 2024 In Dublin is set to storm Ireland and the world with a blend of Ireland’s rich cultural heritage and its happy people as they honour their national apostle, St. Patrick. With this guide, you are assured an ultimately blissful experience.

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