Taylor Swift’s Dublin concert shines with Travis Kelce, Stevie Nicks, and Julia Roberts


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Taylor Swift’s recent concert at Aviva Stadium in Dublin turned into an extraordinary event with the surprise appearances of her boyfriend Travis Kelce, legendary musician Stevie Nicks, and actress Julia Roberts.

During her third show on Sunday night, Swift was delighted by the unexpected arrival of Kelce at the stadium. Fans, known as Swifties, captured the moment on video, showcasing Swift’s range of emotions from shock to happiness upon spotting Kelce in the crowd. Kelce was seen chatting and laughing with Julia Roberts in the VIP tent. The actress hugged and patted Kelce, showing a warm rapport between them. Kelce later joined Swift backstage, marking his ninth “Eras” tour show attendance.

A tribute to Stevie Nicks

Swift dedicated her performance of “Clara Bow” to Stevie Nicks, honoring her as a personal hero. Their bond began when Swift opened for Fleetwood Mac during their “On with the Show” tour. Since then, Nicks has become a mentor to Swift, with her influence evident in several of Swift’s songs, including “Soon You’ll Get Better”, inspired by Nicks’ “Landslide.”

She’s a hero of mine and also someone that I can tell her any secret and she’d never tell anybody. She’s really helped me through so much over the years. I’m talking about Stevie Nicks.’

Taylor Swift

Roberts, a longtime Swift fan, has attended several of her concerts. She first watched Swift perform live in Chicago last June and joined Swift onstage in Santa Clara, in 2015. The friendship between Swift and Roberts was highlighted when Roberts exchanged friendship bracelets with fans during the Dublin concert.

After the concert, Swift and Kelce, along with Nicks, Paramore, and Swift’s tour musicians and dancers, headed to Dublin’s Hacienda Bar for a post-show gathering. The intimate bar, known for its exclusivity and celebrity patrons, hosted an unforgettable night of celebration. Shay Duignan, the bar’s owner, described the evening as “warm and genuinely friendly.” The group chose not to take their usual photo for the bar’s wall, allowing the celebrities to enjoy their time off.

A memorable night in Dublin

The presence of these famous faces didn’t go unnoticed by the thousands of fans who gathered at Aviva Stadium for Swift’s three sold-out shows. Many fans expressed their excitement and appreciation for Swift’s visit to Ireland. In addition to her performances, Swift paid tribute to Ireland by incorporating Irish phrases and references into her songs, such as “Pog mo thoin” during a rendition of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

As Swift closed the Dublin chapter of her Eras Tour, she expressed gratitude to her fans for their unwavering support, making history by selling out Aviva Stadium three nights in a row. The next leg of her tour will take her to countries including the Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, and the United Kingdom, where she will perform five additional nights at Wembley Stadium.

The impact of Stevie Nicks on Taylor Swift

Stevie Nicks’ influence on Taylor Swift’s music and career is significant. Their friendship has grown over the years, with Nicks becoming a mentor to Swift. Nicks’ impact can be heard in Swift’s music, such as “Soon You’ll Get Better” and their collaboration on “Wildest Dreams” from Swift’s 1989 album. Beyond music, the two have been seen together at various events.

Nicks continues to inspire Swift, contributing to her musical growth and career development. This friendship remains a vital part of both artists’ journeys.

Travis Kelce’s continued support

Travis Kelce’s support for Swift’s “Eras” tour is evident as he has attended multiple shows. After attending his Chiefs teammate Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s wedding, Kelce flew to Ireland for Swift’s Dublin concert. Last week, Kelce attended all three of Swift’s concerts at London’s Wembley Stadium, even making a surprise onstage appearance as a guest performer, carrying Swift bridal-style across the stage. Swift later expressed her amusement and affection for Kelce’s participation on Instagram.

Taylor Swift’s whirlwind visit to Dublin was filled with surprise appearances, heartfelt tributes, and unforgettable moments, leaving a lasting impression on both the singer and her fans. The combination of her powerful performances and the presence of beloved celebrities made this concert series a memorable event in Swift’s career.

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