Norwegian sensation AURORA expands tour with Dublin and Edinburgh shows


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Norwegian alternative-pop sensation AURORA is gearing up for the highly-anticipated release of her upcoming album, ‘What Happened To The Heart?’, slated for June. Following the album drop, she’ll embark on an extensive tour across Europe, treating fans to her ethereal melodies and captivating performances throughout September and October.

Excitement mounts as she unveils two additional dates to her tour itinerary, promising unforgettable experiences at the National Stadium in Dublin on June 26 and Edinburgh’s prestigious Usher Hall on October 5. Taking to her Instagram, she shared her enthusiasm, expressing how these new stops resonate with her deeply, feeling akin to home.

For devoted followers eager to secure their spots at these must-see shows, AURORA offers a special opportunity. Fans who pre-order her forthcoming album before 3 pm UK time on May 7 will gain exclusive early access to ticket sales, ensuring they don’t miss out on this extraordinary musical journey.

The story behind the album

Delving into the depths of introspection, AURORA reflects on the poignant inquiry, “What Happened To The Heart?” This profound question has been at the forefront of her mind as she ventures into the creative realm, crafting the successor to her 2022 hit-laden album, ‘The Gods We Can Touch’.

In April 2022, a pivotal moment occurred when she stumbled upon a poignant letter penned by indigenous activists titled ‘We Are the Earth’. It called upon humanity to embrace healing the land and to rekindle our profound connection with nature, emphasizing the heart as the conduit of this symbiotic relationship. This revelation ignited a fervent exploration into the true essence and purpose of the heart.

Against the backdrop of a world grappling with environmental crises and pervasive conflicts, AURORA found herself navigating through the complexities of existence. Her introspective journey finds expression in her recent single, ‘Some Type Of Skin’, where she poignantly asserts the innate goodness within humanity and the universal yearning for peace.

Reflecting on the significance of her lyrical narrative, AURORA acknowledges the stark reality of a world deprived of peace. As she delves deeper into this thematic exploration within her artistic journey, she unearths the historical and symbolic significance of the heart, transcending its physiological anatomy to embody the very core of human existence.

With a heartfelt gesture towards her chest, she passionately articulates, “Love resides here, as does family, and yes, even pain; these truths have echoed through the annals of time. In ancient indigenous cultures, the heart served as a symbol of spirituality—a sacred conduit bridging humanity together.”

Lamenting the prevailing detachment of the modern age, she laments, “We’ve become ensnared in a mindset governed solely by intellect, neglecting the wisdom of the heart.” She advocates for a return to a more compassionate and intuitive way of being, one deeply rooted in love and authenticity.

“Regrettably, this essential ethos is often forsaken, particularly by those in positions of power,” she asserts. “It’s as though they’ve resigned to a fatalistic view, believing that impending doom renders all that we hold dear irrelevant. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Yet, amidst it all, what befell the heart? It’s a question that resonates with profound significance—a poignant inquiry into the essence of existence, simultaneously beautiful and sorrowful, haunting my thoughts like an eternal refrain.”

AURORA’s 2024 UK and European headline tour dates are:

26th June– National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland.

18th September – Alcatraz, Milan, Italy; 20th September – Gasometer, Vienna, Austria; 21st September – Sportovní hala Fortuna, Prague, Czechia; 23rd September – Tauron Arena, Krakow, Poland; 24th September – COS Torwar, Warsaw, Poland; 25th September – UFO, Berlin, Germany; 27th September – Forest National, Belgium, Brussels; 28th September – AFAS Live, Amsterdam, Netherlands; 30th September – L’Olympia, Paris, France.

2nd October – Royal Albert Hall, London, UK; 4th October – O2 Apollo, Manchester, UK; 5th October – Usher Hall, Edinburgh, UK.

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