Dublin’s exclusive Taylor Swift garden party: a must-attend event for Swifties


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Arlington, TX Midnights act (cropped), tags: garden - CC BY-SA

Chart-topping singer Taylor Swift is coming to Dublin. But not everyone is lucky enough to get tickets for her concert. Well, take heart, Swifties. You can have the next best thing. Dublin is set to host an enchanting garden party inspired by the pop sensation this summer.

For fans unable to secure tickets for her Eras Tour in Dublin from June 28 – June 30, this themed event offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the iconic singer’s music and connect with fellow Swifties. A single ticket to the garden party costs €20, but groups of five can take advantage of a special offer, paying only €80 in total. That’s five tickets for the price of four.

The garden party details

Presented by Summer of Sounds, this sensational-themed party captures the essence of the incomparable Taylor Swift. Get ready to sing along and dance the day away as a talented tribute act performs live, accompanied by captivating dancers and entertaining DJ sets. Revel in Swift’s record-breaking hits and twirl and strut to some of her finest songs.

Join us for one of our sensational daytime summer parties inspired by the iconic Taylor Swift!

Summer of Sounds

This event is strictly for adults aged 18 and above. To fully embrace the Taylor Swift experience, attendees are encouraged to dress up according to their favourite era or music videos.

Tips for a memorable Taylor Swift garden party

With the Taylor Swift-inspired garden party happening in the city, it’s time to gear up for the celebration. Here’s what you can do to ensure you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

Make a list of tasks like securing tickets, organizing transportation, and shopping for outfits that fit your chosen theme or era.

Consider creating a budget for your Taylor Swift-themed accessories and costumes.

Utilize online resources to purchase last-minute supplies such as decorations, party favours, and even Taylor Swift memorabilia.

Set the mood by playing Taylor’s hits before the event to get yourself in the right frame of mind.

Don’t forget to snap pictures throughout the day and share them on social media using a unique party hashtag.

Create your own Taylor Swift-inspired party

If you can’t get enough of Swift’s music, style, and charisma, why not host your own celebration and weave her enchanting magic into your event? These suggestions can help you create a party that’s as captivating as the pop sensation herself.

Use pastel colours and glitter accents to capture the whimsical essence of Taylor’s music and style.

Add string lights and paper lanterns for a warm, welcoming ambience.

Create a Taylor Swift wall or display featuring quotes from her songs and lyrics that resonate with you.

Engaging party activities for your garden party

To keep your guests entertained throughout the day, consider these activities to add to your garden party lineup.

Organize a Taylor Swift dance-off competition where attendees can show off their best dance moves inspired by Taylor’s iconic music videos.

Host a karaoke session with Taylor Swift songs for guests to sing along and bond over their favourite tracks.

Set up a DIY photo booth station with Taylor Swift-themed props such as wigs, sunglasses, and microphones for guests to use.

Create a Taylor Swift trivia quiz to test your attendees’ knowledge of the singer and her music.

Extraordinary food and beverage ideas

No garden party would be complete without delicious food and beverages inspired by Taylor Swift’s music and lyrics.

To enhance your Taylor Swift-themed garden party, delight your guests with a selection of inspired culinary creations and beverages. Offer a “Red” velvet cake or cupcakes, symbolizing the popularity of her eponymous album, alongside “Blank Space” cocktails, elegantly adorned with edible glitter for an enchanting take on classic party refreshments.

Have fun, everyone!

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