Pierce Brosnan to portray Dublin’s legendary boxing trainer Brendan Ingle in upcoming movie Giant


Pierce Brosnan to Portray Dublin's Legendary Boxing Coach Brendan Ingle in Upcoming Movie Giant, Concept art for illustrative purpose - Monok

The family of Brendan Ingle, the renowned Irish boxing trainer who mentored world champion Prince Naseem Hamed, has expressed their pride and confidence in Pierce Brosnan’s ability to portray their loved one on screen. Tony Ingle, Brendan’s younger brother, shares his excitement about the casting choice, stating that Pierce will be a knockout. He believes Pierce’s physical resemblance and Irish heritage make him an ideal fit for portraying the Dublin coach who trained numerous world champions.

I got a call from my nephew and Pierce Brosnan was on the video call.

Tony Ingle

Tony received a surprise call from the superstar himself, during which they discussed the upcoming film project.

“We were just chatting away, and he said, ‘What do you think of me doing your brother?” Tony recounted. “I said, ‘Brilliant. You come from the same background, you left Ireland at a similar age, and you made it.”

The Hollywood star’s resemblance to Brendan, both in appearance and demeanour, gives Tony confidence that he will accurately capture his brother’s spirit on screen.

Throughout an impressive career, the late Brendan Ingle trained champions such as Johnny Nelson, Naseem Hamed, Junior Witter, and Kell Brook at his gym in Sheffield.

Pierce Brosnan, now preparing for this role, plans to meet Tony in Dublin to discuss details of his portrayal and gather information about Brendan’s early years. Family members expressed their approval and excitement about the project, believing that the ex-James Bond actor would do justice to the memory of the legendary coach.

Pierce has decided to dress down for the movie role, replacing formal attire with an Adidas tracksuit and white sneakers. He also adopted Brendan’s signature hairstyle – a white, combed-over head of hair and giant glasses.

Film production began in Yorkshire with the Hollywood superstar showing great enthusiasm, donning boxing gloves, and raising his fists for the cameras.

He’s quite capable of capturing Brendan. And he looks like him, with his full head of grey hair.

Tony Ingle

Plot peek

The biographical film Giant traces the evolution of Naseem Hamed, born and raised in Sheffield, into an esteemed sports star in Britain. It chronicles his experiences of overcoming racism and Islamophobia during his career, offering insight into the challenges he faced in the boxing world.

Brendan Ingle, who played a crucial role in Naseem’s success, will be portrayed as an influential figure who is more concerned with helping others than gaining money. Tony emphasizes that his brother’s compassionate nature and love for people were the driving forces behind his successful coaching career.

“Money wasn’t a motivator, it was people. He was more to help people than anything else. That’s the way he was all his life,” he shared.

The movie will shed light on Brendan’s working-class roots, highlighting his determination to make a difference in the lives of those he trained.

Exploring their connection

Brendan’s close relationship with Naseem began when he took him under his wing at seven, even before becoming a professional coach.

“Naseem said Brendan was like a father to him. He used to ring him and go over at three, four in the morning if there was a problem,” Tony narrated. “The two of them would go for a walk. If he had any problems, he called Brendan, and it didn’t make any difference what time of the day or night; he was always there and always looking out for him.

Their bond lasted until Naseem turned 25 when their working relationship ended due to disagreements over money and egos. During his Hall of Fame induction in New York in 2015, Naseem showed remorse for their past discord. This acknowledgement underscores Brendan’s significant impact on Naseem’s career and personal growth.

By uniting people through boxing, Brendan Ingle created an inclusive environment where individuals from various backgrounds could come together and thrive. His innovative training methods and commitment to helping others set him apart as a unique figure in the world of sports. The movie Giant promises to bring this inspiring story to life, showcasing the determination, resilience, and unforgettable impact of both Naseem Hamed and Brendan Ingle.

Through Pierce Brosnan’s compelling portrayal of the renowned trainer, audiences can anticipate a heartfelt exploration of the man behind the coach, revealing the depth and significance of his contributions to the boxing world that continue to resonate.

The upcoming cinematic endeavour is a testament to the extraordinary journey of the trailblazing coach whose impact transcended geographical boundaries, racial divides, and personal challenges, forever altering the landscape of British sports history.

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