Paul Rudd and Nick Jonas to star in musical comedy ‘Power Ballad’ filmed in Dublin


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In an exciting development reported by Deadline, actors Paul Rudd and Nick Jonas are set to headline the upcoming musical comedy film “Power Ballad,” directed by the acclaimed filmmaker John Carney, known for his work on “Once” and “Sing Street.”

The film, titled “Power Ballad,” is described as “the story of a wedding singer (Rudd), a rock star (Jonas), and the song that comes between them,” as stated by Deadline. Director Carney expressed his enthusiasm for the project, saying, “I’m delighted to be working with so many great people…”

I’ve been working on this script with my buddy Peter for years, and now Paul Rudd and Nick Jonas are in my kitchen.

John Carney

“Power Ballad” is currently filming in Dublin and is slated to debut at the Cannes Film Festival this month, adding to the anticipation surrounding the event.

Industry excitement as anticipation builds

Alex Walton of WME Independent shared his excitement about the film’s Cannes premiere, saying, “We are so excited to bring John Carney’s next film to Cannes. John has a magic ability to weave great music into wonderfully engaging and universally relatable stories that make audience emotions run high.

Power Ballad is fun and heartwarming, themes that audiences crave today. His unique vision, coupled with the global appeal of Paul Rudd and Nick Jonas, will give buyers exactly what they’re looking for.”

Both Paul Rudd and Nick Jonas bring their recent successes to the table, with Rudd starring in Season 3 of “Only Murders In The Building” and gearing up for the dark comedy “Death of a Unicorn” alongside Jenna Ortega, while Jonas leads “The Good Half,” set for release this summer.

Carney’s past success with “Once,” which was adapted into a hit stage musical and premiered on Broadway in 2012, adds to the anticipation for “Power Ballad” among fans of his work.

The announcement of Paul Rudd and Nick Jonas joining forces for “Power Ballad” has generated buzz not only in the entertainment industry but also among fans eagerly awaiting this unique collaboration. Their individual talents, combined with Carney’s directorial vision, promise a cinematic experience that blends humour, music, and heartfelt storytelling.

Rudd’s versatility as an actor has been showcased in a range of roles, from comedic performances in “Anchorman” and “Ant-Man” to dramatic turns in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “The Catcher Was a Spy.” His recent projects, including “Only Murders In The Building,” have garnered critical acclaim, making him a sought-after talent in Hollywood.

On the other hand, Nick Jonas, known for his music career as part of the Jonas Brothers and his solo ventures, has also made a mark in acting with roles in “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” and the television series “Kingdom.” His upcoming projects, including “The Good Half,” are highly anticipated by fans and industry insiders alike.

John Carney’s directorial style, characterized by his ability to intertwine music seamlessly into storytelling, has earned him praise and a dedicated following. His previous works, such as “Once” and “Begin Again,” have resonated with audiences for their authenticity and emotional depth.

“Power Ballad” marks a new chapter in Carney’s exploration of music and human connections on screen. The film’s premise of a wedding singer and a rock star brought together by a song hints at themes of passion, creativity, and unexpected bonds that transcend differences.

As filming progresses in Dublin, fans eagerly await glimpses of behind-the-scenes moments and teasers for what promises to be a memorable musical comedy. The synergy between Rudd, Jonas, and Carney, backed by a talented supporting cast, sets the stage for a film that blends laughter, romance, and catchy tunes.

With the Cannes Film Festival serving as a platform for “Power Ballad” to make its debut, the industry’s attention is focused on this collaboration’s potential to captivate audiences and garner critical acclaim.

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