Filmmaker Lee Cronin announces Irish themes for upcoming horror projects


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Lee Cronin, an accomplished Irish filmmaker based in Dublin, has disclosed that at least half of his upcoming horror stories will have distinct Irish ties.

Having achieved significant success with the $147M grossing Evil Dead Rise, Cronin is eager to bring more Irish elements to his work.

His previous production, The Hole In The Ground, shot on location in rural Ireland, served as a successful foray into showcasing the country’s unique atmosphere and folklore within his storytelling.

I would say at the moment, at least 50% of the projects I have [in development] in movies and TV have clear Irish roots and origins, and that’s really exciting to me.

Lee Cronin, Filmmaker

Cronin expressed his excitement about this upcoming endeavour to the Irish Mail on Sunday, stating, “I would say at least 50% of the projects I have [currently in development] for movies and TV carry clear Irish roots and origins.”

One of these projects is a supernatural film he plans to write next, inspired by true events that unfolded in Ireland during the late 1980s.

Having recently secured an exclusive “first refusal” deal with New Line Cinema for his production company Doppelgangers, Cronin intends to keep the enterprise Irish-based.

The significance of maintaining an Irish identity is important to him on both a personal and professional level.

Cronin’s Journey of Success

Evil Dead Rise, featuring Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan, was co-produced by Wild Atlantic Pictures and benefited from strong performances by young actors.

Cronin penned the Evil Dead Rise, the 63rd highest-grossing horror film, screenplay while isolating in his Dublin apartment during the pandemic.

Child actors, like James Quinn Markey and Nell Fisher, have given noteworthy performances in Cronin’s productions, with The Hole In The Ground and Ghost Train being prime examples.

He made certain that young actress Nell Fisher, who portrays Kassie in Evil Dead Rise, was involved extensively in the pre-production process to ensure her comfort and involvement in the project.

He mentioned that he would often invite her to observe special effects and tests, allowing her to play with the slime and experiment with the fake blood. His aim was to create an atmosphere that felt like an extended, enjoyable Halloween night for the young actors involved. However, he noted the importance of shifting gears when it came time to film, emphasizing the necessity for these young performers to evoke fear or terror once the camera started rolling.

Cronin’s Personal Journey

Despite specializing in horror films, Cronin confesses that he is “a scaredy cat” himself.

He recalled an experience from his childhood when his family visited a house near Dingle, Co. Kerry.

Lee Cronin’s childhood experience of visiting a supposedly haunted house near Dingle, Kerry, left an indelible mark on him, either fueling his pre-existing fear of the supernatural or sparking a lifelong fascination with it. Regardless, this encounter has played a significant role in shaping Cronin’s body of work, which explores Irish folklore and the paranormal within the horror genre, earning him widespread recognition for his chilling storytelling and authentic connection to Ireland’s captivating mythological traditions.

Lee Cronin’s knack for combining the rich tapestry of Irish folklore with chilling horror elements has left an ineffaceable mark on audiences and is a trademark that he intends to carry forward in his upcoming projects, despite any reservations or apprehensions he may harbor regarding the supernatural.

What Does the Future Hold?

In his upcoming supernatural project, inspired by true occurrences in Ireland, Lee Cronin aims to shed light on the country’s intriguing past and its profound link to the paranormal.

Cronin expressed a strong attraction to the theme, attributing it to a commonality among Irish families, including his own, where ghost stories or tales from neighbors are prevalent. He mentioned finding a particularly captivating story, which has recently entered the initial stages of development, highlighting how these narratives, often considered tall tales within his family circle, piqued his interest.

As his recognition in the Hollywood horror scene grows, so does Lee Cronin’s unwavering dedication to promoting and nurturing Irish acting and production talent. With a track record of delivering captivating and suspenseful stories that resonate with viewers worldwide, he is poised for continued success in this genre.

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