Dublin INTERNATIONAL Film Festival 2024: Showcasing the best of Irish and global cinema


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The 22nd edition of the Dublin International Film Festival concluded last weekend, bringing together a diverse range of films and filmmakers from Ireland and worldwide. Ireland’s President Michael D. Higgins awarded the Volta Award to director Steve McQueen at Dublin’s Complex Arts Center for his work on ‘Blitz.’The Volta Award, named after Dublin’s first cinema, recognizes outstanding contributions to cinema, with past recipients like Al Pacino and Claudia Cardinale.

Renowned for his meticulous filmmaking style, Steve McQueen commended film festivals for nurturing a love for cinema. While his brief appearance at the festival sparked speculation about ‘Blitz’ at Cannes, the award emphasizes McQueen’s impact and heightens anticipation for his wartime drama featuring Saoirse Ronan.

Irish Documentary wins the Audience Choice Award

One of the biggest highlights was the Audience Award won by the Irish documentary “Don’t Forget to Remember,” which explores the experience of Alzheimer’s and the fragility of memory.

We are honoured and delighted to win the audience choice award at DIFF, it’s a personal film so it was particularly special to have our cast, crew and families present at our World Premiere at home

Louise Byrne, Film Producer of Don’t Forget to Remember

Byrne added that embedded with universal themes of love and loss, Don’t Forget to Remember is a profoundly personal film that delves into the fragility of memories and the intricate process of recollection. Following its presentation at DIFF, the intention is to further the discourse on Alzheimer’s, memory fragility, and the care for individuals experiencing memory loss. Enthusiastically anticipating engagement with festivals worldwide, the film is poised to be shared with a broader audience, sparking conversations on this poignant subject.

HonoUring Cinema Icon Isabelle Huppert

The festival also celebrated French cinema icon Isabelle Huppert, making this year’s program even more diverse. In an interview with Clare Dunne, Isabelle Huppert shared her acting philosophy, emphasizing personal connection and role autonomy. Alongside emerging talents like Sade Malone and Barry Keoghan, Huppert’s presence highlights the festival’s commitment to showcasing a range of talent, from established icons to rising stars.

Other Accolades and HonoUrs

Dutch animation “Oink,” which tells the story of an adorable pig, received a Special Jury Prize for its endearing charm. Radu Jude’s film, “Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World,” receives top honours, along with Pat Collins’ Irish film, “That They May Face The Rising Sun.”

Vibrant and Diverse Cinematic Showcase

More on the Dublin International Film Festival

The 2024 Dublin Film Festival lineup portrayed the changing dynamics of film festivals, prioritizing engagement with younger audiences and presenting diverse narratives. Festival director Gráinne Humphrey, highlighting collaboration and community, curated a program that mirrors the vibrant spectrum of modern cinema, from the African cinema selection to standout Irish films like ‘King Frankie’ and ‘Baltimore.’

The festival concluded by acknowledging audience and critics’ favourites, emphasizing the impact of films resonating with viewers and critics. As the festival ended, the celebration of cinema in Dublin left an enduring impression, foreshadowing an exciting future for filmmakers and film enthusiasts.

The notable achievements of Irish productions at the DFCC awards underscore the creativity and complexity of Irish cinema today. These award-winning productions testify to the vitality and creativity of Irish cinema and global filmmaking.

The Dublin International Film Festival has provided a platform for new voices, established artists, and innovative stories to shine, ensuring that its impact on the world of cinema will be felt for years. The festival’s commitment to showcasing diverse stories worldwide highlights the importance of cross-cultural dialogue and understanding in today’s globalized world.

As we look forward to next year’s Dublin International Film Festival, it will continue to push boundaries and inspire audiences with its exceptional lineup of films and filmmakers. There are still a couple of Art and Film festivals taking place in 2024 to look forward to.

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