Best Cinemas in Dublin To Watch a Movie


Cinemas in Dublin
Cinemas in Dublin

Watching a movie is one of the easiest ways to lay back anywhere and knowing the best cinemas in Dublin will help make this much easier. A good cinema needs more than just the movie it intends to show. The perks, the comfort, the timeliness, and so many more make a cinema the full experience.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at functional movie theatres that provide a full-on cinematic experience and then some. Whether you’re going alone, with friends, with family, or on a date, each of these cinemas can play a role depending on what exactly you’re looking for.

  1.  A Great Cinematic Experience: Cineworld, Parnell Street

Probably the most popular cinema in Dublin, Cineworld is located on Parnell Street, and it offers everything you require of a movie theatre. It is the biggest cinema in Ireland and it uses its size to full effect.

Popcorn for the movies

Cineworld operates like a typical cinema but what makes it so special is that it provides everything that should be found in a cinema and makes it better. The seats are super comfy, the sound is of the best quality, and the popcorn has been dubbed by some as the “sweetest popcorn in Dublin.” One other advanced feature in Cineworld is the screens. Their regular screens seem like all the movie experience you need but if you want to get in further and immerse yourself in the movie, you should try their 4DX screens for viewing!

  1.  A Modern Cinema: Light House, Smithfield

Located among the locals around Market Square, Smithfield, is a well-known cinema in Dublin. Light House cinema is a go-to to get a mix of different genres of movies with very inclusive film selections ranging from old classics to new releases and blockbusters.

Aside from the movies, the inclusion concept at Light House can be found in all their activities. They have wonderful staff members ready to meet your needs and answer your questions. They are also loved for their excellent “Bring Your Own Baby” programme that relieves parents and lets them enjoy a nice night out, adding more reasons to why it is considered one of the best cinemas in Dublin.

  1.  A Private Gathering: Brooks, Drury  

If you are looking for cinemas in Dublin for you and your pals to privately kick back and have a great time, then Brooks Private Cinema is your answer. The private screening can admit up to 26 guests and can be used for events such as family gatherings, work conferences, training sessions, or a good old-fashioned high school reunion.

The private cinema is well equipped, it remains a standard cinema. You have to come with your own DVD but once that’s sorted out, the comfort, the scenery, and the cinematic experience are all worked out for you.

  1.  Luxury and Cinema: Stella, Rathmines
Luxury cinemas in Dublin

If you want to plan a fancy date and have it in mind to watch a movie on your romantic night out then Stella Cinema in Rathmines might just be among the best cinemas in Dublin for you. This is because they offer more than just a cinematic experience. They offer a regal experience for the whole night.

Before the movies, you can have dinner at their highly recommended diner or just some snacks and drinks at their cocktail club. Everything about the place is fancy and it transcends to the movie viewing itself. You can book their balcony couch and enjoy the movie in the most elegant way possible. The atmosphere is right for a romantic getaway. From the red velvet seats to the sufficient table lamps, you may just be proposing before the movie is over.

  1.  A Drive-in Cinema: Retro Drive-in, Leopardstown
Retro Drive-in Cinema, Dublin

This is a niche cinema but it might just be what you are looking for. From the comfort of your car, you can enjoy a drive-in experience at Leopardstown Racecourse. Though not an everyday experience, whenever retro drive-in has a viewing it’s always lovely. Most of their dates fall on the holidays so it’s a good place to go with people and enjoy classic movies like Home Alone, on Christmas or Hocus Pocus, on Halloween. 

  1. Alternative Cinematic Experience: Irish Film Institute, Temple Bar
Film Institute

The Irish Film Institute is a historical independent cinema in Dublin found in the city centre on Eustace Street in Temple Bar. This cinema does well to break the norm of usual blockbuster viewings and gives a chance to hidden gems that you won’t get to see anywhere else. As a “Film Institute,” you can trust that they have a great film selection and at a cheaper rate compared to other local cinemas.

The venue is also known for an elite cultural experience, you can also catch thematic programmes, film festivals, and other art-filled events on show. The location is also a very big plus as you are surrounded by all the things you need to have a great time, tasty meals, top-notch cafes, and stores.

  1.  Outdoor Viewing: Merrion Square Park, Merrion Square
Outdoor Cinemas in Dublin

When the weather permits on some Thursdays, there’s the chance to enjoy an outdoor viewing experience in Merrion Square Park. You can already picture it, a big screen, your picnic, and the cool breeze around, this is one of the best outdoor cinemas in Dublin and we have picked it to represent the niche. However, any outdoor cinema gives this appeal and is something you should try at least once when in Dublin.

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