10 Movies Filmed in Dublin 


Movies filmed in Dublin

The iconic monuments, charming pathways, and quaint scenery all over Dublin make the city a well-known location for movie productions. Directors of local and international movies record captivating moments in historic and cultural settings like the beautiful coasts, historic ruins, famous attractions and even pubs across Dublin. Diverse genres including action, fantasy, sci-fi, historical drama, thriller and crime have been produced to showcase vibrant scenes from landscapes in Dublin. Read on to discover 10 movies filmed in Dublin offering views of the ancient yet stunning city. 

Movies Filmed Exclusively in Dublin

Dublin-based movies
  1. Once

This captivating romantic drama from 2007, mostly featuring music, was shot in Dublin in just 17 days. Throughout the movie, the two main characters bond over their shared love for music and remain unnamed. Filming locations in Dublin include the busy Temple Bar; Grafton Street; St. Stephen’s Green; Killiney Hill; O’Connell Bridge; Dublin airport; a beach called Dollymount Strand and the popular Waltons music shop, now 69 South Great George’s Street, D2 where the song ‘Falling Slowly’ that was awarded Best Original Song was performed. Once was directed by John Carney. 

  1. Sing Street

With John Carney again as its director, Sing Street released in 2016 portrays the 1980s Dublin city. This relatable movie follows a teenage boy from a troubled home. He develops romantic feelings for a girl he meets and while trying to gain her admiration, starts a band. The entertaining musical was recognised with various awards including Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy at the 74th Golden Globes. Locations in Dublin where the movie was filmed include St Catherine’s Park, Fusco’s Restaurant, and Synge Street Christian Brothers Secondary School. It also featured beautiful coastal scenes from Dalkey Island and Dún Laoghaire Harbour East.

  1. The Commitment

The film was shot in various locations throughout Dublin, including St Francis Xavier’s Church; The Waterside Pub; Sheriff Street; Kilbarrack D.A.R.T. Station; Darndal; Camden Deluxe Hotel; and Mansion House. The Commitment by Alan Parker is recognised as one of the top movies produced in Ireland. This 1991 musical story about a band filled with Irish in the working class was adapted from a 1987 book by Roddy Doyle.

Movies filmed in Dublin and other locations

Movies with Dublin scenes
  1. Intermission

The 2003 comedic movie is known for its talented cast of actors such as Colin Farrell, Colm Meaney, Cillian Murphy, Ger Ryan, Owen Roe, Pat Laffan and Michael McElhatto. The crime drama was filmed like a documentary and showcases Dublin Bay and the breathtaking Dublin Mountains.

  1. About Adam

Kate Hudson stars in this romantic comedy. The film, directed by Gerard Srembridgr and released in 2000, took a unique approach by repeating some scenes from various perspectives. About Adam features the Temple Bar at Meeting House Square, the Photo Museum Ireland, the Winding Stair bookshop and restaurant along the River Liffey.

  1. My Left Foot 

Some scenes of this Oscar-winning film released in 1989 were shot at Mulligan pub and Trinity College, offering glimpses of the beautiful Dublin. My left foot follows a family and an individual with a disability. This moving biography shows the life of Christy Brown, born with cerebral palsy and yet creates art by painting and writing using his foot.

  1. In the Name of the Father

This top Irish movie is perfect for fans of historical drama. In the Name of the Father is based on the 1974 bombing that occurred at Guildford. It follows the subsequent events affecting those known as the Guildford four. The 1993 film was directed by Jim Sheridan, a famed filmmaker from Ireland and director of My Left Foot. Kilmainham jail in Dublin, one of the top places to visit in Ireland’s capital, was where the movie filmed its interrogation and prison scene.

  1. The Dead

Directed by John Huston, a lover of Irish culture, the film features scenes from the lovely Ha’penny bridge and Temple Bar. The 1987 emotional historical drama is based on a short story by James Joyce, a popular Irish author. It is centred on marriage and memories of lost love. 

  1. Ek Tha Tiger

This Indian action was shot in multiple global locations like Istanbul in Turkey, Bangkok in Thailand, Cuba in Havana and Dublin in Ireland. The Bollywood drama about a budding romance between spies on a mission features a fight scene at Temple Bar and another campus scene at Trinity College. 

  1. Gretel and Hansel

The scenery in Dublin from its beautiful woodlands to the hills and towns, makes it a perfect choice for this 2020 horror fantasy movie. The movie, based on the fairytale by German authors, Hansel and Gretel, is about two siblings and a witch. Some movie clips were taken at an ancient landmark in Dublin, the Hell Fire Club on Montpelier Hill. The producers of Gretel and Hansel also filmed at Langley, British Columbia, Canada. 

Many Film-worthy Sites in Dublin

To discover more cinematic sightings of Dublin such as parks, Dublin Castle, and the Dublin airport, explore other notable movies filmed in Dublin like Michael Collins, P.S. I Love You, Ordinary Decent Criminal, and Educating Rita. Dublin has many film-worthy sites, so rest assured more will hit your screens real soon!

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