Things To Do In Dublin At Night Without Drinking


Things to do in Dublin at night without drinking

The scenery and opportunities in Dublin at night offers the charm of the already bubbling pride of Ireland. This makes after-dark the perfect time for outgoing Dubliners and foreigners to explore the city at the time when it mostly comes alive. Nights in Dublin are majorly lit around by pubs and restaurants, leaving drinking as your first go-to to make the most of your night. However, there are a ton of other things to do on a typical night in Dublin without drinking. This article aims to highlight these amazing pint-free activities you can enjoy on a Dublin night.

Play Fun Games in Dublin

Enjoy fun games in Dublin at night

Visit the Escape Room 

After a stressful day at work or touring the city, your brain will thank you for a restful mental exercise at the escape room. Here, you get to brainstorm for clues with your team for answers on how to get out of a room and get prizes if you do so within record time. A blend of competition, bonding time, and fulfillment, a night at the Escape Room offers you a great experience of Dublin at night without drinking.

A Night In The Arcade 

If you are looking to feel like a child again, this house of games is your best bet for an exhilarating time. Spend the night bashing your pals in a friendly pinball game or building your points at the ping pong table. Even better, a stop at the Jam Park and Token spots could make your night with their intriguing reward system. Be sure to go with a friend or make a quick buddy at this gaming spot for the best experience.

Get Tasty Meals in Dublin

Get Tasty Meals in Dublin at Night

Go On A Food Crawl 

What could be more exciting than trying various Irish cuisines in a few hours? Exploring the city’s delicacies can serve as a way to maximize your time especially if you are visiting Dublin. The best way to enjoy this is by making a list of foods you would love to try and possible restaurants that offer them in their menus. Wallet in hand and your camera slung over your shoulders, you will be set for an exciting night in Dublin without drinking.

Enjoy Pizza at the Garden 

Steamy, hot, freshly baked pizzas from the best spots and a healthy drink to go with at one of Dublin’s beautiful leisure gardens can be a superb option if you aim for a satisfying night in Dublin without drinking. The perks of this option include observing nature while taking a delicious bite. If you are a sucker for quality conversations over a meal, this choice is your best bet.

Have a Dublin Cinematic Experience

Dublin Cinematic Experience

Go To The Cinema 

On a night when you are not drinking in Dublin, seeing your favourite movie at the cinema ranks easily as a suitable and fun alternative. More interestingly, you could decide to see a movie that your friends have been dying to see. Places like the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield or the Savoy Cinema at O’Connell Street offer great movie recommendations and discounts among so many great options that the city has to offer.

Home Movie Night 

If you are in the mood for a movie but doing it in a crowded hall at the cinema doesn’t tick the box for you, you can opt for a quiet indoor movie night. Tucked under your blankets with the lively spirit of Dublin snaking its warmth around you from closed doors, you can have a swell pint-free night in Ireland’s finest city.

Fun Events to Attend in Dublin at Night

Fun Events in Dublin at Night

A Night of Laughter 

One of Dublin’s unique attraction sites that come alive at night is the International Comedy Club on Wicklow Street. This famous home of laughter has got your favourite Ireland and international comedians in a row to get you rolling with ease. Here, you can get a sober and happy night out with a partner or friends and is suitable for solo dates as well.

Greyhound Racing 

If you are looking for an affordable event that is right off the bat, Greyhound racing comes to mind. This is a competitive racing sport done by the greyhound breed of dogs on an enclosed track as they run to catch a mechanical hare. All you have to do is get a ticket, sit back, and enjoy the show which takes place at Shelbourne Park every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Remember, do not get too risk-friendly and place bets! 

Dublin Ghost Tours 

Spice your night in Dublin with one fright of an experience at the Dublin Ghost Tour. Dublin is known to have diverse ghosts in different costumes walking around the city, and there are professional ghost tour guides willing to help you find one for a little fee! These tour guides are professional actors who make sure you are reeling with laughter and horror all through the thrilling search for ghosts on the infamous Dublin ghost bus.

Go Sightseeing in Dublin at Night

Sightseeing in Dublin at night

Visit The National Concert Hall 

Are you a fan of music and arts? Then you will find a trip to the national concert hall a thrilling experience. This iconic building dates back to 1865 and is now regarded as Ireland’s home for music and is a national cultural institution appreciated by locals and foreigners alike. From world-class music to arts and cultural events, there is always something happening at the hall at any time of the day. Visit this hall of fame with your art-loving friends to enjoy Dublin at night without drinking.

The National Gallery of Ireland 

For a little sightseeing after dark, this museum opens its doors on Thursday evenings so you can explore a collection of local and international arts. A perfect outing for you and your friends’ group, this home for cultural heritage is a perfect stop for a night in Dublin without drinking.

So Many Things To Do In Dublin At Night

While the fun-filled activities in Dublin have no cap to them, this guide shows you the best things to do in Dublin without drinking. Make a stop at any of these charming spots to make the best of your nights in the city. There are also many things you can do during the day if that’s what you are looking for.

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