Stag Do in Dublin – What to Do and What Not to Do 


Preparing for a Stag Do in Dublin

When planning your Stag do in Dublin or bachelor’s party as some call it, you need to line up interesting events for all the men to enjoy. Although many people think that Dublin is only great for its pub culture, there are many other fun things to do during your bachelor’s party. This article covers six fun and exciting things that you can do with the boys. It also includes five things to avoid doing to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all members of the party.

Places To Go During a Stag Do in Dublin

A Comedy Show

Visit the Guinness Factory

So, yes, the first point has to do with drinking, but for good reason. Dublin is the best place to enjoy Guinness. The Guinness Factory is one of the most popular places to visit, especially for tourists. The tour offers historical insights into Guinness Beverage as well as samples of the beverages. So it’s both a drinking experience and a historical outing.

Have a Strip Dinner

A popular bachelor party tradition across the world is enjoying a dance show from a strip dancer, and this is also available in Ireland’s capital. Strip dinners are special dining experiences where party members are served a delicious meal while being entertained by a gorgeous exotic dancer. There are several places offering strip dinner services, however, you must read through the terms and conditions for visiting these places, such as age restrictions and the code of conduct for visitors, to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable party. Some of the most popular services that offer strip dinner services in Dublin include The Stag Company and The Barclay Club.

Attend a Comedy Club Night

Attending a comedy club is an entertaining way to spend time with your friends on your stag do weekend. It is an option for groups looking for a calm and fun time while celebrating the stag party. Attending a comedy club night is a sure way to laugh with friends against the backdrop of a serene and classy environment and great drinks and food. International Comedy Club is one of the great spots to visit.

Activities To Do During a Stag Do in Dublin

Go Karting for a Stag Do

Go indoor karting

Indoor karting is a fun and action-packed way to spend some time with the boys during your stag do. It brings that fun sense of competition and bonding that boys like to have in their lives. Heart pumping adrenaline activity. There are several areas in and around Dublin. You might need to make reservations as some of these places get filled up quickly. Some of the most popular indoor karting places in Dublin include Kylemore Karting and WhiteRiver Karting.

Partake in a Gaelic Game

Nothing allows you to experience Irish sports better than partaking in the Irish sports found in the Gaelic games. The games are often action-packed and fun-filled. The Gaelic games often include Gaelic football, Gaelic handball, and hurling. The great thing about participating in these games is that you do not need to have much experience with them. They often have coaches who provide detailed instructions, ensuring that everyone can have a great time. Safety instructions and equipment are also suitably provided.

Play Some Footgolf.

Footgolf combines both golf and football in a very exciting way. The game is now becoming widely popular across the globe and for good reason, It takes away all the stress of golf while preserving the fun of football, ensuring that everyone has the chance to score a goal. Most footgolf places often allow people to play in groups of two, three, or four. Thus, depending on how big your party is, you can decide to play against each other or another group while having refreshments on the side

Things To Avoid Doing During a Stag Do in Dublin

Drinking during a Stag Do

Don’t Make Plans for Nighttime Events Only

Many people who throw their stag party in Dublin assume that the best activities can only be done at night, as a result of the city’s notorious reputation for wild nightlife culture. However, there are several other things to do during the day to ensure a great, full, and unforgettable Stag Do weekend.

Don’t Be Excessively Intoxicated

Drinking and partying is always on the agenda but make sure not to spend the entire Stag do being too intoxicated, as this will limit the amount of fun you will be able to have. Dublin also has some laws against public intoxication and drinking in public, especially in some regions. Drink with caution!

Don’t Partake in Illegal Activities

Some stag parties can get very wild and it becomes tempting to take part in some misdemeanours. However, it is advisable to stay away from illegal activities to prevent getting detained by the police. You don’t want to miss your own wedding or have to spend the rest of the stag do trying to bail your friends out.

Don’t Forget the Budget

It is very common to get lost in the celebration and forget about the budget. Make sure to remain aware of everyone’s budget before planning and making any reservations. Stick with the budget to prevent putting party members in uncomfortable situations.

Don’t Cross Other People’s Boundaries.

Remember to respect the rights and privacy of people, especially the locals. Do things that don’t affect others negatively. Also, find out the rules of engagement of any establishment you visit. For instance, when visiting the strip clubs, be aware of the rules of engagement with the dancers and do not cross them.

Get the Boys Ready for a Stag Do in Dublin

Guys playing Snooker

Dublin is a favourite spot for many people planning a weekend Stag Do getaway. While the city is famous for lively nightclubs and bars, there is so much more to Dublin. This article offered active ideas on what to do while having your party in the city to ensure a lively and full weekend. Also, ensure to avoid the things that can make the night sour!

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