Peach, a new pop-up event in Dublin for queer women and their friends


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A fresh pop-up event called Peach is set to arrive in Dublin on Friday, April 12, catering to queer women and their friends.

Before its official launch, we had a chat with Kate Brennan Harding, the organizer and DJ, to get a sneak peek into this exciting new venture and what attendees can look forward to at its debut at Hen’s Teeth.

What’s the driving force behind the creation of Peach?

I have a deep appreciation for lively gatherings, especially when a group of lesbians and queer individuals come together; it creates a unique and enticing atmosphere – one that is filled with heat, energy, enjoyment, playfulness, and sensuality.

As a lesbian, I have a preference for spaces where people are able to openly express themselves without judgment. However, I have noticed that these types of spaces are not always easily accessible. This is because there is a unique atmosphere created when the focus is on the identity of queer women.

Peach is a personal endeavour of mine, providing a space for socialising and dancing to great music. It strives to be inclusive and welcoming for all. My top priority is creating a safe and inclusive environment within Peach.

What does Peach have in store for partygoers?

Peach will have Mini Kimono and myself as DJs, playing a mix of funk, house, disco, sing-along hits, and the occasional seductive techno surprise.

Who’s invited?

All individuals, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, are welcome at Peach. This includes lesbians, dykes, butches, femmes, bi women, pan women, trans women, non-binary individuals, trans mascs, and trans femmes. The only requirement for cis men is that they are accompanied by a female friend.

Take for instance, my cisgender homosexual male friends who will likely join me for the event. I can personally attest to their presence! And if you can also vouch for your friend, we can all come together to make a fantastic party atmosphere.

Currently, there appears to be a rise in the number of club nights specifically for queer women. What is the reason for their growing popularity?

In the past, when I initially came out, there were only a few lesbian club nights, if we were fortunate. These gatherings were often low-key and located in less popular areas. While some were excellent, others were reflective of the time with discrimination against bisexual and transgender individuals still prevalent.

Prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, the club and party venues that held a special place in my heart were Mother and Bitches Be Crazy. These spaces not only fostered a sense of community, but also provided some of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.

In the present day, there is a growing craving to connect with a community, to flirt, and to have a place where one can feel confident and alluring in their own skin. For me, dyke spaces have always provided that sense of belonging – my inner soft butch self would come alive. Therefore, I am seeking to establish a similar atmosphere and initiate something enjoyable.

How can individuals stay informed about Peach?

Since this is a temporary venture, the latest updates will be shared on my Instagram account, @katebrennanharding.

The tickets for Peach Hens Teeth can be purchased through Eventbrite at a price of €10. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support individuals in Palestine.

Here it is! If you enjoy catchy melodies, laid-back atmosphere, and a lively dancefloor filled with LGBTQ+ women (who wouldn’t?), then make your way to Peach’s first-ever event at Hen’s Teeth in Dublin on April 12. Don’t miss out, tickets are available now!

Dublin’s queer women and their friends can look forward to a new pop-up party called Peach, as reported by GCN. The post about the upcoming event can be found on GCN’s website.

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