How to Book a Marriage Course in Dublin


Marriage Course in Dublin

Is your marriage where you want it to be? A marriage course can help you get there. Marriage courses aren’t just for those about to get married. They can benefit couples at any stage. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about finding, selecting, and booking the perfect marriage course in Dublin, ensuring a meaningful and transformative experience for you and your significant other.

What is a Marriage Course, Why Is It Needed?

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While the wedding marks the beginning of your married life, a Marriage Course can act as a roadmap to a happy and fulfilling future together. These courses, offered by various organisations in Dublin, are designed for couples at any stage, from those recently engaged to those seeking to strengthen their existing bond.

Marriage courses typically cover essential topics like communication, conflict resolution, and financial planning. They provide a safe space for couples to explore their expectations, values, and goals for their marriage. Through guided exercises and discussions, you’ll gain valuable tools to navigate disagreements constructively, express your needs effectively, and build a deeper sense of intimacy.

Think of a Marriage Course as an investment in your relationship’s success. It equips you with the knowledge and skills to weather life’s storms and nurture a strong, lasting connection with your partner, fostering a lifetime of love and understanding.

Where Can You Complete the Accord Marriage Course?

Accord is an Irish Catholic organization that provides pre-marriage courses aimed at helping couples build strong and lasting marriages. These courses cover various topics such as communication, conflict resolution, financial management, and intimacy.

Accord offers these enriching programs designed to equip couples with the tools for a happy and fulfilling marriage. Accord operates 55 centres across Ireland, with a significant presence in Dublin and you can complete an Accord marriage course in Dublin at various locations. 

One popular location for completing an Accord marriage course in Dublin is the Accord Dublin Centre, located at Holy Cross Diocesan Centre, Clonliffe Road, Drumcondra. This centre offers a range of courses throughout the year, accommodating couples of all backgrounds and faiths.

Other options include the Accord Dublin North Centre, situated at St. Brigid’s Parish Centre, Killester, Dublin 5, as well as Aungier Street facilitated by Accord Dublin. These centres offer relationship counselling and marriage preparation services. Additionally, Accord offers online courses for couples who may find it challenging to attend in-person sessions. These online courses provide flexibility and accessibility, allowing couples to complete the course at their own pace from the comfort of their home.

To enrol in an Accord marriage course in Dublin, couples can visit the Accord website or contact their local Accord centre directly. It’s advisable to book early as courses tend to fill up quickly, especially during peak wedding seasons. This proactive approach ensures you secure a spot and embark on your marital journey with a solid foundation.

What Do You Get From the Course?

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Marriage is a beautiful journey, but like any adventure, it requires preparation. A marriage course can be your roadmap to success, equipping you and your partner with essential tools for a fulfilling and lasting relationship. Here’s what you can expect to gain from participating in a marriage course:

Stronger Communication Skills

Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. Through interactive exercises and discussions, marriage courses teach valuable communication techniques. You’ll learn to express your needs and feelings effectively, actively listen to your partner, and navigate disagreements constructively. This newfound ability to communicate openly leads to a deeper understanding and stronger bond between you and your partner.

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Disagreements are inevitable in any relationship. Marriage Courses equip you with conflict resolution skills to ensure these inevitable bumps in the road don’t derail your journey. You’ll learn to identify the root causes of conflict, communicate your concerns calmly, and work together towards solutions that benefit both partners. These tools will not only help you weather future storms but also foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration within your marriage.

Understanding Your Partner’s Perspective

We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, shaping our expectations and needs. Marriage Courses provide a platform for couples to explore their individual values, goals, and dreams for their future together. Through guided discussions and exercises, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your partner’s perspective, fostering empathy and creating a stronger sense of unity within your relationship.

Building a Strong Foundation

Marriage is a partnership. Marriage Courses offer valuable insights into financial planning, managing expectations, and nurturing intimacy. You’ll learn practical strategies for budgeting together, discuss your financial goals, and address potential money-related conflicts proactively. Additionally, the course explores ways to maintain emotional and physical intimacy over time, ensuring your love continues to blossom throughout your marriage.

By investing in a marriage course, you’re investing in your future happiness. It equips you with the knowledge and skills to navigate challenges, nurture open communication, and build a strong foundation for a lifelong love story.

What to Expect?

Expect a mix of learning and interactive exercises designed to spark conversation with your partner. The course will be led by experienced facilitators who guide discussions on communication styles, healthy conflict resolution, and financial planning for couples. You’ll delve into individual and shared values, exploring hopes and dreams for your future together. Be prepared for activities that encourage deeper understanding and connection, creating a safe space to openly discuss sensitive topics and build a strong foundation for your lasting love story.


Investing in your relationship’s foundation can bring lifelong rewards. Following this guide, you can easily book a marriage course in Dublin that suits your needs and schedule. With a little preparation, you’ll be well on your way to a stronger, happier partnership.

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