Hen Do in Dublin: What to Do and What Not to Do


Hen Do in Dublin

Famous for its lively nightlife culture and several fun venues, Dublin remains one of the best places in the world to celebrate your hen do party. From attending dance parties to rock climbing activities and even wave surfing, there is just so much to do rather than boozing away. 

If you have just gotten engaged and are thinking of fun and creative activities to do in Dublin, you are at the right place. This article offers the 8 most creative and fun activities to do during your hen party. In addition, the article includes 5 things to avoid doing in the city to ensure a safe and enjoyable Hen Do.

Things To Do During a Hen Do in Dublin

Celebrating a Hen Do

Attend An Irish Dance Party At Some Of The Best Clubs For Hen Do

One thing Ireland is famous for is Irish dancing, and it’s impossible to completely enjoy Dublin without experiencing one of the city’s many live dancing shows. These dancing shows often have traditional Irish music and dance performances as audience performances, with quick dance lessons for beginners. The Irish dance parties often allow for table reservations and servings of drinks and beer from the bar. It’s a cultural way of enjoying your hen do

Go Climbing

There are several climbing centres in Dublin. Depending on your level of experience and budget, you can find a great area for the girls to go climbing as a group. Many of the climbing centres in Dublin have instructors to assist less experienced climbers. In addition, they offer refreshments such as tea or coffee, snacks, and Wi-Fi. Some of the most popular climbing centres in Dublin include Awesome Walls and Gravity Climbing Centre.

Visit an Escape Room

Across Dublin, there are several escape rooms to attend with other Hen Do party members. Incognito Escape Room and AdventureRooms Dublin are some nice picks. Some escape rooms provide refreshments for attendees to comfortably solve the puzzles. It is, however, important to do your research on each escape room service before making a reservation. 

Have a Spa Day

Maybe the ladies just want to relax. What is a better way to spend time with the girls than having a spa day? Many spa places provide manicures and pedicures as well as sauna services, massages, and hot tub services. Many spa places also offer refreshments, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, and Wi-Fi. You could take it up a notch and go to a Yoga studio while you’re at it.

Play a Bubble Football Game

For the girls that don’t mind a little sweat with their fun, partaking in a bubble football game is a great way to spend your hen do in Dublin. The game often involves two teams rolling in a big bubble inflatable suit and attempting to score goals against each other. It is important to note that some bubble football games expect visitors to be in the proper dress code. So, do your research and make reservations before you go. 

Go swimming in the Irish Sea

Swimming in the Irish Sea is a fun and adventurous way to celebrate your engagement with close friends. There are several spots in Dublin with seaside access, each having its unique charm. Some of the most popular sea swimming services in Dublin include Forty Foot and Bull Island.

Enjoy a Pedi Bus Tour

A Pedi bus tour is a unique and wacky way to explore the streets of Dublin. The activity is done on a pedal-powered bus, allowing the whole party to participate. The tour often includes a visit to different pubs and bars across the city. It also allows access to the stereo on the bus, allowing you to play your own music. 

Visit Lambay Island

Lambay Island in Dublin is a hidden gem that is slowly becoming more and more popular with tourists. Visitors to the island are granted accommodation, food and drinks, architectural and historical tours of the island, and wellness and creativity retreats. They have several flexible booking and reservation options depending on the package you want all available on their website.

Things Not To Do At a Hen Do in Dublin

Drinking out

Don’t Be Ignorant of the Local Laws

Before going out with your friends, it is very vital that you check out the local laws, especially those regarding littering, loitering, public intoxication, and curfews in certain areas. You should follow all of these laws to prevent getting arrested or getting in trouble with the law.

Don’t forget to make reservations.

Because of the high influx of tourists into the city, many popular places get filled up quickly. Doing thorough research and making reservations ahead is the best way to make sure your hen do goes as planned.

Don’t Drink Too Much.

There’s enough booze to last you forever in Dublin! However, it is advisable to not drink too much to ensure that everyone can stay safe and make the right decisions, especially as the host. In addition, there are laws against public intoxication in the city, which can attract a fine ranging from €100 to €500.

Don’t Disrespect the Locals and Other Visitors.

While you want to have fun with your friends, make sure to respect the locals as well as other visitors to the city. Try to reduce the noise and loitering to a minimum. Remember, it’s your vacation, but it is home to others.

Don’t Exclude Members of Your Party.

For a hen do to remember, always pick activities that all members of your party can enjoy, and always ensure that everyone is accounted for throughout every activity.

Enjoy a One of a Kind Hen Do in Dublin

Drinking and eating pizza with the girls

There are several activities to do while having your hen party in Dublin. Although the city is most famous for its wild parties and bar culture, Dublin has so much more to offer. This article offered a list of fun and exciting activities to do. You can choose a combination to have a full and fun Hen party weekend.

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