Dating Event at Dublin Pub Promises More Personal Connections


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A local Dublin pub, The Hill in Ranelagh, is offering an alternative to online dating apps with their monthly speed dating event.

For singles tired of swiping and looking for a more personal approach to meeting new people, this event might be just what they need.

According to the pub’s general manager, Mark Greene, “our monthly speed dating event is more personal than using apps like Tinder.”

The pub’s “Your Friend, My Friend” event invites single Dubliners to step out of their comfort zone and into reality, a tad augmented though it may be. He believes that “meeting someone face to face is a lot better than texting someone online,” making this event an attractive option for those seeking authentic connections.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this Friday, February 9, offers a last-minute opportunity for daters to attend the upcoming event.

meeting someone face to face is a lot better than texting someone online

Mark Greene

Greene emphasizes that speed dating provides instant connections and a chance to learn about someone in a way that texting can’t offer.

How It Works

The evening kicks off with icebreaker activities designed to help attendees mingle and create opportunities for meeting potential matches. Each participant will receive a date card and number upon arrival, directing them to their assigned table and seating arrangement. During the four-minute sessions, daters will engage in conversations with their potential matches, allowing them to assess compatibility and connection.

After each session ends, ladies remain seated while gentlemen move on to their next match at the table. At the conclusion of the event, participants write down the names of those they are interested in, initiating potential future connections.

For those who might struggle with conversation starters or feel nervous, question cards will be available to help facilitate engaging conversations.

While everyone is welcome at the “Your Friend, My Friend” event, its most common attendees are typically single individuals within the age range of 25-45, striving for a balanced gender mix. It’s necessary to obtain tickets for the well-attended event, which can be bought on its Eventbrite page prior to the event.

Benefits of Speed Dating at The Hill in Ranelagh

Personal connections – Meeting someone face to face creates a more authentic interaction than swiping on an app. And being able to look someone in the eye as you speak to them creates another level of connection that is less likely, if at all, to happen when staring at a picture on a screen.

Instant feedback – During the event, daters can assess their compatibility with potential matches and make decisions based on their conversations.

Opportunities to meet new people – Though this is something that swiping through an online app can also do, even more so actually, the icebreaker activities and structured seating arrangements ensure that attendees have multiple chances to connect with those who are on the same boat as they.

four minutes could change your life

Mark Greene

Rediscovering social skills – Speed dating events provide a platform for singles to practice conversational skills, helping them build confidence and rekindling enjoyment of real-life interactions.

Variety of potential matches – By attending monthly events, participants can meet and potentially connect with a diverse range of individuals.

Time efficiency – The structured format allows daters to make multiple connections within one evening instead of spending hours on various dating apps.

Fun atmosphere – With icebreaker activities and the excitement of meeting new people, as well as the anticipation of creating new connections in whatever form, the event offers an enjoyable experience for singles looking to expand their social circle.

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